Effingham Selectmen Meeting | April 19, 2016

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Effingham NH Selectmen meeting from 4/19/16. The Selectmen: Leonard Espie, Lawrence Edwards and Henry Spencer convene there meetings at the Effingham Municipal Offices, 68 School Street, Effingham, NH and this meeting began at 5:00 pm.

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April 12, 15, 2016 meeting minutes; Manifest;


Public comment; dilapidated house update; calcium chloride road applications; HEB Engineering; Granite Road project; Stevens Road project; RFP Draft; Mitchy Corp; highway load 93, load rating; engineering oversight;


Public comment; Library parking lot maintenance; sand removal; Coleman; [Paul]; 3 parking lots; $600; Station #2; Library; Municipal Building; $200; Cement; repair versus replacement; CPR classes; Silent poor Trustees; oath;


Roadside cleanup; Barbecue; Erosion control workshop; May 6, 2016; April 29, 2016; Camp Marist [issues]; 9:00 Manchester;


Reports; [Spencer] FEMA workshop; culverts; FEMA GRANTS; Hazard mitigation GRANTS; GRANT details;


Reports; [Edwards] Bonnyman Road; Provence Lake Association; driveway culvert; pond sediment; creating a ditch; Molly Filbert Rd; DES Wetlands protection; FEMA GRANT; Lake Water Quality; reducing phosphates; Month Timeline; UNH; ditch design; Erosion stone; rip rap; Wakefield Conservation Core; ditch cleaning;


Old Business; draft RFP; plan timeline; concrete; engineering design; wing walls; DES review; Mitchy; Bonding requirements; liability insurance for bridge projects; Selectmen's calendar;


Salt shed signs; installation locations; transfer station; granite road bridge; Mitchy Corp; engineering of abutments; age of old abutments; 160- 170,000; poured concrete wing walls; cold patch;


New business; Road closed signs; installation of sign posts; locations; cemetery cleanup; private property cemeteries; insurance; [Peter Chase]; perpetual care trusts; municipally owned versus cemeteries within private property;


RFP Draft; DES plan approval process; Mitchy; Road contractor attendance; blower; Old Pound Rd; $500 cost of renting blower; ditch and road cleaning; grading;


Road budget; $42,000; intent to cut forms; adding location; Appointment of library trustee 2017; Library Flag pole rope;


Public comment; Granite Road bridge; two lane versus one lane; precasts; width; town owned property around bridge; surveying town right of way; Stevens road culvert; history of; Pine River bridge repair history; widening; emergency access; narrow road ahead sign; Bryant Cemetary, a history of; [Potter]; Bryant Farm; Memorial day flag; GPS cemetery locations; Stevens Road Bridge; box culvert purchase; returned bids; site walk regarding restoration of wetlands silting; 2015 Chapter 539 will- full trespass; Dig and Does; summer road contract scheduling;


Selectmen's Bridge folder; documentation control process; Zoning Officer report; office hours; Planning Board- Selectmen meeting;


Zoning Officer surveillance activities; Granite Road property; Campground ordinances; Ossipee Lake Camping; square footage; health officer home check; Ossipee health officer;


Public comment; scheduled meeting regarding the proposed: Carroll County Agricultural Learning Center;

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