Effingham Selectmen Meeting | April 17, 2018

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Meeting Notes

Effingham NH Selectmen meeting 4/17/18. (ESM)

The Selectmen: Michael Cahalane, Leonard Espie, and John Meisner convene their meetings at the Effingham Municipal Offices, 68 School Street, Effingham. This meeting began at 5:00 pm.

Town Administrator: Claudia Lamphier.

Administrative Assistant: Cheryle Feirick.

Office Assistant: Chris Holbrook

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Location coordinates

Encrypted analysis: su2aRada4a6raQa22WawruSwUretra5a


Manifest review; General discussions unrelated;


Current use; general audience conversations;


general audience conversations; whispering;


Pledge; manifest approval: $78,508.51 M_Espie_2nd_Cahalane_V2-0;

Announcement: Town wide clean up day; public comment: Budget committee chair budget review sheets; Fire Marshal; septic system leach field issue; cement work; antique firetruck; road postings; farm by the river application; 60 day application; ice warning signs; frost heave signs; Elm Street bridge painting bidding; RFP; Eckman Engineering;


Eckman Engineering; financial encumbrances; Town Attorney; Attorney review of contract; scheduled work sessions; culvert maintenance; Elm Street Bridge Painting; Public comment: headwall cracks; sandblasting; failed seal; engineering evaluation; rewriting RFP; Cheryle; Matt; John;


Pauper cemetery; right of way to cemetery; sweeping of parking lots; street sweeper machine; Hunter Bridge road; bridge aid estimates; missing or damaged road signs; motion detector light; bridge aid;


Bridge aid; transfer station; culvert flushing; Green Mountain Road; Forestry truck; right of way ordinance; trash NRRA; contract review; Milton transfer station site visit; Library Issues; 6 foot ladder; Lightbulb replacement; liability insurance;


Library Trustees meeting; door closer replacement; shed cinderblock; propane tank; insulation options; capital improvements; road maintenance projects;

Public comments: Town House Road, Moody Road trash; garbage bags;

Lack of posting of work sessions; Barn tax easement incentive; NH Preservation Alliance; RSA 79:d;


Barn tax easement incentive; NH Preservation Alliance; RSA 79:d; Historical agricultural preservation; Heritage Commission; M_Calahane_Adjourn_2nd_Espie_v2-0

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