Effingham Selectmen Meeting | July 10, 2018

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Meeting Notes

Effingham NH Selectmen meeting 7/10/18. The Selectmen: Michael Cahalane, Leonard Espie, and John Meisner convene their meetings at the Effingham Municipal Offices, 68 School Street, Effingham. This meeting began at 5:00 pm. Town Administrator: Claudia Lamphier. Administrative Assistant: Cheryle Feirick. Office Assistant: Chris Holbrook

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Call to order: John Meisner; Michael Cahalane; Leon Espie;


MANIFEST REVIEW: General discussion file: b_oBEp27.10.2018


Pledge of Allegiance;


LANDTECH: Fire station septic design; 1500 gallon tank; 600 gallon per day system; Effluent pump versus grinder; Well location; High water table;


MOTION: M-Meisner To move forward with Landtech septic system for the Fire Station. 2nd-Cahalane----- V-Meisner-Y; Cahalane-Y; Espie-Y;


MOTION: M-Meisner To accept the manifest: $17,183.33 2nd-Cahalane----- V-Meisner-Y; Cahalane-Y; Espie-Y;


MAIL FOLDER: Zoning officer report; (2) letters;


MOTION: M-Meisner To approve the meeting minutes from July 3, 2018; 2nd-Cahalane----- V-Meisner-Y; Cahalane-Y; Espie-Y;


MOTION: M-Meisner To approve the work session meeting minutes from July 2, 2018; 2nd-Espie----- V-Meisner-Y; Cahalane-Y; Espie-Y;


PUBLIC COMMENTS: Thursday morning at 10:00 am; Library; Door keys; NH Preservation Alliance; Building assessment; Grants; National Historic Register; NHDES grant funding;


PUBLIC COMMENTS: School budget committee proposal; Apportionment formula;


School St. potholes; Champion Hill Rd; Welcome to Effingham signs; Dig safe; Engineering involvement: Culvert replacement; Cold patch; Library; Transfer Station; Effingham Connect; Concern over liability; Primex; Local Emergency Operation Plan: LEOP; Ossipee Mountain Electronics; Tower;


HEB upcoming meeting; Granite stored at transfer station; Dig and Doz; Transfer station landfill signage poles; No dumping signs; Recyclable signage; Plastic bags; Waste Management; Transfer station repair and maintenance; Brush pit; Town House Road repair; Green Mountain; Pine River Road; School bus line of sight; Green Mountain Rd culvert; Property owner notification; Dispatch; Post office; Town wide trimming notice; Tree trimming RFP; $20,000.00; Frost heave signs; Paper versus corrugated plastic; Calcium application; Snow Rd;


Right of Way ordinance; Time Warner franchise agreements; NH Municipal Association legal policy conference; Purchasing ordinance; Scheduling of work session; HEB Engineering of Elm Street Bridge;


PUBLIC COMMENT: Road contractor: Green Mountain Rd; Estimates; Champion Hill Rd; Engineer cost budget line; White Mountain Survey;


MOTION: M-Meisner To move into a non public session per RSA 91-a: 3, II (a) 2nd-NO AUDIBLE SECOND----- V-Roll Call-Meisner-Y; Cahalane-Y; Espie-Y;

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