Effingham Selectmen Meeting | August 28, 2018

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Meeting Notes

Effingham NH Selectmen meeting 8/28/18. The Selectmen: Michael Cahalane, Leonard Espie, and John Meisner convene their meetings at the Effingham Municipal Offices, 68 School Street, Effingham. This meeting began at 5:00 pm. Town Administrator: Claudia Lamphier. Office Assistant: Chris Holbrook

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Encrypted analysis: 2odusu98qiwrispecaphIsP8thl0wupH


Call to order at 5:00 pm; Manifest review


Pledge; Green Mountain Road access;


Action folder: Review of Dig and Dos bill; 3 approvals for construction/ Sewage; Approval of...New Firefighter member; EMT;


MOTION: Cahalane: I make a motion to...approve new firefighter member...

2ND: Espie

VOTE: Meisner-Y; Cahalane-Y; Espie-Y;


MOTION: Meisner: I make a motion to accept the minutes from 8/21/18...

2ND: Cahalane

VOTE: Meisner-Y; Cahalane-Y; Espie-Abstain;


Public comment: Green Mountain Road; Culverts; Dig and Dos; 50 foot right of way; Is Green Mountain Road 50 foot right of way; Width of road; previous installation of culverts; Placement of culverts; Installation of culverts that extend onto private property;


Public comment: Fire Chief; Grants for radios; Kenwood; Motorola; Warrant article; FEMA; Fire Dept. budget line; Emergency Operation Plan;


MOTION: Cahalane: I make a motion to accept the 2018 version of the emergency operations plan as presented by the Fire Chief..

2ND: Meisner

VOTE: Meisner-Y; Cahalane-Y; Espie-Y;


Public comment; Culverts needing more fill; Town tax maps; outdated; Brush clearing authorization letter;


Public comment; Town Hall building; Requests authorization apply matching grant; NH Preservation Alliance; Historic building assessment; 4,500.00; Grant requirement updated building assessment; Storm windows; LCHIP; Restorations; Heating plans; Capital improvement program; 10 year plan; Historic Register; Contract; Architectural Firm; 2,500.00 deposit; Building trust fund; 15,500.00; 10,500.00; 9,000.00- 10,000 range; Selectmen contract review;


MOTION: Cahalane: I make a motion to approve you putting in the application with the NH Preservation Alliance in the efforts to moving us forward.

2ND: Espie

VOTE: Meisner-Y; Cahalane-Y; Espie-Y;


Espie report: Roadside mowing; Vaughn English; Equipment problems; Roadside mowing versus brush/ tree trimming; Bush hog; Debris; Selectmen roadside assessment; Filling culvert ditches; Transfer station employee;


Cahalane report: Capital improvement request forms; Cable contracts; Franchise fees; Internet speed tests; Internet phone; Cable equipment upgrades; Sign installations transfer station; Budget finance workshop; *septic system bids; H20 tank installation; Frost line; Ledge; Evans;


MOTION: Espie: *I make a motion to accept Evans Brothers, LLC..out of Wolfeboro NH..

2ND: Cahalane

VOTE: Meisner-Y; Cahalane-Y; Espie-Y;


Bid posting;


MOTION: Meisner: I make a motion to approve the manifest...544,920.11..school payment...

2ND: Espie

VOTE: Meisner-Y; Cahalane-Y; Espie-Y;


Cahalane report; Incorporation celebration; Inadequate event announcement; Effingham Incorporation celebration not a "Town Function" ; Effingham Connect; Veterans memorial; Rep. Ed Comeau; Rep. Bill Marsh; Rep. Bill Nelson; Sununo Commendation remarks read into record; Private special interest group;


MOTION: Cahalane: I make a motion to gift back the Governor's commendation..to the Effingham Connect organization..

2ND: No verbal second: Discussion: public: Town handbook of policy and procedures; Volunteer groups; Insurance coverage; 250th celebration planning; Town newsletter under Effingham Connect; Preservation Society; Historical Society; Non Profits versus Municipal, Town owned groups;

2nd: Meisner: Withdrawn...

VOTE: No vote.


Town meeting day; Non profit presentations; School street pot holes; Fire station parking lot poor condition; Cold patch; Green Mountain Road; Freedom Dam modifications;


MOTION: Espie: I make a motion to adjourn 7:08 pm

2ND: Cahalane

VOTE: Meisner-Y; Cahalane-Y; Espie-Y;

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