Effingham Selectmen Meeting | July 16, 2019

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Meeting Notes

The Selectmen: Michael Cahalane, Chuck Fuller, and John Meisner convene their meetings at the Effingham Municipal Offices, 68 School Street, Effingham. This meeting began at 5:00 pm. Town Administrators: Claudia Lamphier, Brian Burke. Office Assistant: Chris Holbrook

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Call to order; LR: Meisner; Cahalane; Fuller; manifest review;


Manifest review;


Manifest review;


Manifest review; health trust signature;


Manifest review;


Manifest review; demolition; garbage trucks; transfer station; dump stickers;


Manifest review; Governor Sununu; Selectmen's letter; education funding; PLEDGE: signature folder; Chief of police letter; computer systems; E911 form; abatement; work session minutes; broadband group; ambulance agreement meeting; sign requests; ZONING OFFICER: junk yards; Ossipee River water testing; #GMC; Green Mountain Conservation; work session July 10, 2019; m2v; work session minutes; m2v;


July 9, 2019 Select board minutes; m2v; manifest: m2v; POLICE: Chief Butts; IMC computer system; winter parking ordinance; #mullens; #butts; mobile cruiser terminals; lap top units; new cruiser; part time cruiser;


POLICE: bottom line budget; budget surpluses; budget committee; Police staffing levels; recruiting; patrols; fuel; uniforms;


POLICE: Ossipee training; field training (FTO); police academy; shift scheduling; #Lt. King; equipment: taser; #diaz; fuel budget;


POLICE: Fuel; secretary position; transcription; 3 year rotation; 5 year rotation; budget surplus;


POLICE: budget surplus; new cruiser; salaries; payment regulation; 28 day cycle; straight time; m2v ; salary versus hourly; 32 hours of on call time;


POLICE: call out policy; 3 hour minimum; #dominicrichardi; Chief's meetings; County Sheriff; State Police;


POLICE: State police; call hours; #christopherconley; pay scale; call process;


Budget committee; speed trap signs; solar; gravel road speed complaints; stop signs; speed limit signs;


POLICE: Town wide speeding; CiP committee; police dept. secretary hours; PUBLIC COMMENT: Zoning officer; map discrepancies; Lords Hill Historic district; historic maps; CAi maping; tax maps;


ZONING OFFICER; #boyden; Lords Hill Historic district; historic maps; Cartographic (CAi) mapping; tax maps; Village overlay; 2010 Town meeting; proposed list; tax assessing software; Planning Board; Center Effingham Historic District;


ZONING OFFICER: m2v ;PUBLIC COMMENT: AGENDA: Transfer Station bulletin board kiosk; Library; Lords Hill Meeting House; Street fair;


TRANSFER STATION KIOSK: Bulletin board; postings; winter access; promoting town activities; transfer station signage; location of bulletin board; Town Website;


TRANSFER STATION KIOSK: Bulletin board; postings; board location; cost; installation; volunteering;


TRANSFER STATION KIOSK: Bulletin board; library bulletin board; posting space; FIRE CHIEF: Hazard Mitigation Plan meeting; LIBRARY TRUSTEES: FEMA; LRPC; Hazard Mitigation contract; SELECTMEN REPORTS: Road grading; culvert replacement; calcium application; water testing; transfer station ordinance; public hearing schedule; parking ordinance;


SELECTMEN REPORTS; Winter parking ban; scheduling public hearings; notice requirements; Townhouse Road culvert failure; library shed; black ants; beaver dams; trapper;


SELECTMEN REPORTS: Beaver dams; trapper; Provence Lake Association; Nutter Road; property owner responsibility; culvert installations; Champion Hill Green Mountain Roads; School Street cold patch; calcium chloride applications; grading; Snow Road culvert issues;


SELECTMEN REPORT: Snow Road culvert issues; RFP; CiP; road surveys; transfer station; Selectmen work session schedule; GWRSD student attendance verification process; unpaid fines;


SELECTMEN REPORT: Unpaid fines; denying registration; violations; Right of Way ordinance; Winter inclement weather policy; transfer station facilities; review of transfer station cash register; banking policy; bank services; Bank of New Hampshire;


SELECTMEN REPORT: Banking; Todd Nason; landscaping; landfill; mowing; lime application; Woodland Cemetary; Cemetary maintenance; Zoning enforcement: Junk yard ordinance; enforcement; waiver for class 6 road; 2002 septic regulations;


PUBLIC COMMENT: Bamboo control; road maintenance contractor; grader; ditching; budgeting; gravel road maintenance; #english; electricity bids; LRPC; signatures needed; July 26, 2019; appointment; energy contract; rate comparison;


Electric bids; energy contract; Motion to allow Brian Burke to sign energy contract: m2v ; Non public RSA 91-A: 3 II (e)(L)(a) ROLL: mv2 NO vote taken in public to seal minutes. Note: the non public minutes may have been sealed while in Non Public.

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