Effingham Selectmen Meeting | September 3, 2019

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Meeting Notes

The Selectmen: Michael Cahalane, Chuck Fuller, and John Meisner convene their meetings at the Effingham Municipal Offices, 68 School Street, Effingham. This meeting began at 5:00 pm. Town Administrator: Brian Burke. Office Assistant: Chris Holbrook

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Location coordinates

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ROLL: John Meisner; Mike Cahalane; Chuck Fuller;


MANIFEST REVIEW- DOCUMENT REVIEW; [Miscellaneous cross talk:] James F. Rines; Signatures; concrete; foundation; Connor Pond; expedited culvert replacement; Tim Eldridge; Avitar; Eversource; 30 day review; Planning Commission; annual meeting; County transportation system; Blue Loon (bus); AWWA; Bonnyman Road; separate check; ambulance; LifeStar; signatures; supplemental; check; Conway Sun; qualifier; Mandy; planning board; email; supplemental; [_ paycheck];


PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Mark Hampton; Lakes Region Planning Commission; (LRPC); cell phone coverage; signal strength map; shaded relief map; transmission speeds; ATT; T-Mobile; LRPC data collection; Federal Funds; FCC; Town of Wakefield; Town of Freedom; Tom Thompson;


SNOW ROAD BRIDGE PRESENTATION: Chuck Fuller; bridge replacement; HEB Engineering; NHDOT; Warrant article; core test borings; bridge footings; NHDES wetland permits; snow road bridge replacement cost analysis; bridge repair/ replace construction timeline; closing bridge; road incline; hazardous winter travel; transfer station vehicles; NH Bridge Aid Program; girded bridge design; steel girder laminated timber bridge; culvert repair; transfer station relocation; Elm St. bridge;


EFFINGHAM CONNECT: (CHILDREN'S PLAY AREA) Effingham Library; Mellisa Seamans; supplemental information package; fencing proposal; fencing installation; vegetative fences; equipment installation; signage; abutters; structure placement; location safety concerns; Town Offices location proposal; Effingham Police; insurance liability; lawsuits;


MOTION: Meisner, to accept the manifest total of $40,558.67 (amended total)

SECOND: Cahalane

VOTE: Meisner Y; Cahalane Y; Fuller Y;


MOTION: Meisner, to approve the Selectmen minutes from 8/27/19

SECOND: Fuller

VOTE: Meisner Y; Cahalane Y; Fuller Y;


MOTION: Meisner, to approve the Selectmen work session minutes from 8/27/19

SECOND: Cahalane

VOTE: Meisner Y; Cahalane Y; Fuller Y;


ACTION FOLDER: Expedited culvert installation permits; Green Mountain Rd.; MAIL FOLDER: Green Mountain Conservation News Letter; lot line adjustment; Carroll County Regional Coordinating Council information packet; FEMA Funding opportunities; Pine Tree Power update: re: Brine discharging; Fire Chief: Burbank; Federal Grant Funding; DUNS number; Police Department; Sergeant Ian MacMillan; acting police Chief; Teresa Swanick; paramilitary organization; Sheriff Dominic Richardi; Carroll County Sheriff; review board; NH Police Chief's association; Tim Eldridge; Joe Collins;


ROAD MAINTENANCE UPDATE: Meisner: Ron Evans; Green Mountain Rd.; regrading; Clough Rd.; Hunters Bridge Rd.; calcium chloride applications; cold patch; (Green Mountain Rd.- Elm St. Rd. intersection sweeping); Parsonsfield Rd.; Granite Rd.;


WHITE MOUNTAIN SURVEY: James F. Rines; Green Mountain Rd. culvert replacement; Culvert installation certificates; permits; paving; expedited permits; State Inspections;


INAPPROPRIATE ACTIVITY/ WARNING LETTER: Cahalane: Selectmen review; Transfer Station glass/ aluminum dump table; work session scheduling;


AMBULANCE AGREEMENT REVIEW: Fuller: NHMA Budget Training; Transfer Station policy; Town Website posting; transfer station cash only; white goods; receipt creation; transfer station signage;


PUBLIC COMMENT: Transfer Station flyer; Transfer station permits/ stickers; trifold; Grace Fuller;


PUBLIC COMMENT: Green Mountain addiction treatment center; Granite Recovery Centers family of addiction treatment facilities; High Watch Rd.; police calls; ambulance service calls; Eric Spofford; ALS: BLS: Standby; no transport; % of ambulance contract cost by town; Effingham taxpayers paying to detox non residents;


PUBLIC COMMENTS: Police website; social media;


PROVINCE LAKE ASSOCIATION: Lori Dunne; Lake water quality presentation; September 17, 2019;


MOTION: Meisner, to adjourn.

SECOND: Fuller

VOTE: Meisner Y; Cahalane Y; Fuller Y;

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