Ossipee Selectmen Meeting | October 6, 2014

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Ossipee NH Selectmen meeting from 10/6/14. The Selectmen: Robert C. Freeman, Richard H. Morgan and Franklin R. Riley convene there meetings at Ossipee Town Hall, 55 Main Street, Center Ossipee, NH and it began at 4:15 pm.

Town Administrator: Ellen White

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Encrypted analysis: 0J7QWwmgfOFJq3LOqeNrubOQZdVZZtMd


Acceptance of September 29, 2014 Selectmen meeting minutes; Selectmen's workshop meeting mintues 9/29/14


Selectmen review and accept check voucher payroll totals, week ending 10/4/14: 76,639.61; Accounts payable week ending 9/27/14: 178,197.53;


Susan Simpson, Timber clerk letter; Bob Boyd retired Timber Monitor/ appraiser; Announcement of replacements;


Trustee of the trust funds; Withdrawal from the covered bridge expendable trust funds: check 2,424.61;


Notice for an intent to cut; Map 14 lot 34; Lot 48; Walker Hill and Hanson Rd; Bickford;


Contract to use Town Hall Gym; Green Mountain Conservation Group; Student Community presentation regarding water quality;


Selectmen read Warrant regarding the upcoming State Elections dates;


Current use application (Revisited); Lot 22 Chickville Hill Rd;


Timber management agreement; Sumner Brook; Conservation Commission; Ron Adams; Forester Richard Girard; Timber harvest/ thinning; projected revenue from cut; $5,000- $7,000


Form 941 Employee Federal Tax return; Signature;


Notice for an intent to cut; Map 277 Lot 1; Route 16; 35- 40 acres; Richard Humphrey; Logger Richard Girard;


Use of Facilities; Kingswood Regional High School; Mock election; Oct. 30, 2014;


Administrative abatement request; Beaver Campground; 380.79;


Ossipee Valley Snowmobile Club trail access; Permission;


Purchase order approval; Diprizio GMC trucks; $11,000; Engine rebuild; Town Truck;


Notice of intent to cut; Map 110 Lot 2; Route 16; 2 acres; Lucy Merrow; Logger HW Cook;


Work of scope and budget estimate; Site closure activities; Johnson and Dicks Fuel Facility; Oil discharge and clean up fund; ODDCF; Eligibility for town reimbursement; Test wells; NHDES; Decommissioning of wells; [Discussion]


Recycling cash log; Announcement of a Green Mountain Conservation Group event; Workshop; November 6, 2014; Shared Natural Resource planning introduction and refresher; Reynolds Hall; Chocorua; Highway Department Work log;


Fuel bids; one bid received; Jesse Lyman website; fixed price: #2 3.099; Diesel summer blend; 3.119; Winter 3.359; Regular 3.045;


Memo [Brad Harriman] regarding demolition bid; 1 Jude Boulevard 340 Pine Hill Rd; Discussion of detail of work; timelines; insurance; Mike Merrow; Danley Demolition; Asbestos reporting; NHDES; Notification form;


[Brad Harriman]; Replacement of existing concrete pads beneath compactor; New concrete pads Gray and Thomson Concrete Forms- [$8,190]; East Coast Foundation- $10,680; Stanley Eldridge excavator- removal of pads; 2,500 per day;


Consent calendar from Executive Councilor Joe Kenney; Time Warner programming; {Planet Aid] Clothes Drop off; Visit the Planet Aid website Here; [Planet Aid is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that collects and recycles used clothing and shoes to protect the environment and support sustainable development in impoverished communities around the world. The projects we support improve health, increase income, aid vulnerable children, train teachers, and help strengthen communities and reduce poverty. Planet Aid's work is supported by a wide range of businesses and governments, and we are registered with the U.S. Agency for International Development]


Bridge work update; Route 171 - Route 28; intersection;


Town wide revaluation bids; RFP's: Murdow Assessing Services; 2015 planned cost of $66,000; Statistical revaluation; Todd Haywood- (Current assessor) 117,500 est.; CCAG assessing services: total $89,500; Steve M. Allen assessors: $96,240; Certified NH Assessing services LLC: 2015 Statistical Update- $135,350; New images of improved properties- $11,397 total year cost $146,747


Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of the Carroll County Farm Greenhouse; UNH; Conservation Commission meeting report; Finance team meeting; 2013 Audit;


Selectmen report that they have voted to with hold the payment appropriation to the Ossipee fire Precinct; Setting of tax rate;


Public comment; Kevin Houle; Surplus real estate auctions; Truck engine repair bill; [EGR cooler]; Sumner Brook Fish Hatchery logging; revenues; Covered Bridge Consultations; Test Wells Decommissioning; Library Roof update; RFP's


Non Public per 91-a: 3,2: c e Police Chief/ Taxing Issues; Announcement at Freedom Town Hall for a Ossipee Lake Dam Authority;


Announcement [Robert Freeman] that the Non Public minutes have been sealed;

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