Ossipee Selectmen Meeting | April 27, 2015

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Ossipee NH Selectmen meeting from 4/27/15. The Selectmen: Robert C. Freeman, Richard H. Morgan and Franklin R. Riley convene there meetings at Ossipee Town Hall, 55 Main Street, Center Ossipee, NH and this meeting began at 4:15 pm.

Town Administrator: Ellen White

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Encrypted analysis: cHcQcRBpMB3c9aJopdBSB94BasCHkY1O


Review and approval of previous meeting minutes; Dept. April 20, 2015- Dept. Head meeting; April 20, 2015 Selectmen's Meeting;


Check voucher totals; payroll; accounts payable; total dispersants;


Town Timber clerk note: intent to cuts; processing applications; timber tax warrants; highway dept. work log; Letter from NH employment security profile data; tax exemptions; DRA application requirements;


Incident reports filed; dog officer; Letter from Lakes Region Planning Commission- Kim Ayers Award requested nominations; Library Trustee Alternate appointee;


Notice of receipt of Highway Safety Funds; Grant funding; Sobriety Checkpoint; beSo1rqbiKwiueZfD720dRFs5ndQob1k; [Chief Eldridge]


Discussion of a letter to the editor regarding a Police Officer [Justin Smith] who assisted in a recent motor vehicle accident; article regarding [Jen Berkowitz] Schools out program; Award received; timber tax warrant;


Covered bridge repair update;


Library roof update; Valley Rd, Bridge quote; prestressed concrete;


Earth day update; transfer station drop offs;


Public input; Sobriety Check point grant; 4th Amendment; gas tax funding; Town wide yard sales; Planet aid clothing drop boxes; Constitutional Carry legislation; Casino Licensing Legislation;


Non Public per RSA 91-A: 3, 2a; Roll Call;


Resident requests a report on tree removal;

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