Ossipee Selectmen Meeting | July 1, 2019

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Meeting Notes

The board members: Sue Simpson, Sam Martin and Martha Eldridge convene their meetings at Ossipee Town Hall, Bub Avery Memorial Gymnasium, 55 Main Street, Center Ossipee, and this meeting began at 4:15 pm. Town Administrator: Ellen White.

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Location coordinates

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Call to order; pledge; roll call; public input; NP session July 1, 2019; MV; work session June 24, 2019; MV; June 24, 2019 tabled; corrections; check voucher totals; June 29-July 7; water sewer accounts payable; MV; payroll reimbursements; water sewer; MV; recycling totals; transfer station work log; Wildlife baiting permit; Bear; MV;


Wildlife baiting permit; Bear; MV; water sewer warrant; MV; water sewer warrant; MV; water sewer warrant; MV; Lake Region hazardous waste; TAC appointment; LRPC; Brad Harriman; mill pond water testing results; planning board decisions; intent to cut; old granite road; buzzwell; MV;


Intent to cut; County Farm Road; MV; intent to cut; Tom Fadden; Cemetary present; MV; intent to cut; Jenkins; Farrell; MV: Clerical abatement requests; MV; Highway work log read into record;


Highway work log read into record; Department head reports; code enforcement; Parks and Recreation; playground use; Police Dept.; 222 criminal cases; total calls; Resignation of Lt. King;


Road maintenance; sidewalk installation; Ossipee Mountain Road; Rt. 28-171; striping; Bridge replacements; Rt 16; Guardrail replacement; wetland impacts; Conservation Commission; sidewalk maintenance; snow clearing; agreement; block grant funding; sidewalk plow equipment;


Sidewalk installation; sidewalk location details; snow banks; snow clearing; cost; agreement letter regarding snow removal; MV; Rt. 28-171 update; covered bridge update; NHDOT:


New white truck; dump body; painting quotes; Ford; fuel tanks; $5,000; $3,000; $49,000; Tax Collectors report; payment arrangements; deeding; NP; RSA 91-A: No verbal roll call; NP meeting minutes sealed; public input; Mill pond fishing signage; Pond fish stocking; Fish and Game; Website calendar use; Parks and Recreation website;

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