Tamworth Selectmen Meeting | July 18, 2019

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Meeting Notes

The Selectmen: Work Session: William Farnum, Melanie Streeter, Rebecca Mason, Dan Poirier, Aaron Ricker, convene their meetings at Tamworth Town Offices, 84 Main Street, Tamworth, NH. and this meeting began at 5:00 pm. Town Administrator: Darlene McWhirter. Finance Officer: Kathy Estabrook.

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Encrypted analysis: nuFUvu5tiprUzlTIbrA3wac8tRaDrEPr


Department head meeting; job description; fire chief; town administrator; highway department; transfer station; police department; fire chief contract; day of rest requirement; 6 day time period; labor laws; non scheduled work hours; vacation time;


Vacation time; 1,600 hours of vacation time; sick time pool policy;


Vacation time; sick time totals 7/18/19; purchasing; cleaning supplies; central purchasing; turn out gear;


Fire chief; turn out gear expiration; turn out gear wear; spare turn out gear; turn out gear replacement; Globe Fire boots; 10 year expiration; moister barrier; heat treated products; heat treated gear; gear $2,500.00; hoods; thermal barrier; carcinogens;


Fire chief: turn out gear; capital purchase; CIP committee; 40 personnel; Fire department statistical reporting; budgeting;


Fire department statistical reporting; budgeting; police department; vehicle mileage; state fuel use; FIRE TRUCK APPROPRIATION PURCHASE:


FIRE TRUCK APPROPRIATION PURCHASE: history of purchase; 2017 budgeted funds; article 10; operating budget; bids; contracts; march 2017;


FIRE TRUCK APPROPRIATION PURCHASE: history of purchase; bidding process; available funds; warrant article 10; DRA; RFP approach; bid specifications;


FIRE TRUCK APPROPRIATION PURCHASE: history of purchase; truck accessories; $400,000.00; cascade system; capital improvement plan; school expansion funding; bonding versus not bonding; interest rates; capital reserve funds;


FIRE TRUCK APPROPRIATION PURCHASE: capital reserves 2%; ambulance capital reserve funds; DRA;


FIRE TRUCK APPROPRIATION PURCHASE: history of purchase; capital reserve funds; DRA requirements; operating budget; town meeting voting process; RSA warrant article requirement;


FIRE TRUCK APPROPRIATION PURCHASE: RSA warrant article requirement; town meeting voting on the question; annual report; MS 32 form; setting tax rate;


FIRE DEPARTMENT: Homeland Security Grant; active shooter response; $6,000.00; ballistic shields; first aid kits; improved first aid kit; vest; helmets; chest plates; equipment expiration; 14 gauge needles; grant conditions; inventory reporting;


Homeland Security Grant; m2v ; TAX EXEMPT PROPERTIES: pilots; tax exempt requirement; conservation property; property assessments; current use assessment; non profits;


TAX EXEMPT PROPERTIES: churches; Remmick Farm Museum; tamworth senior housing; 12 million dollars worth of property; $10,000.00; Tri County Cap;


TAX EXEMPT PROPERTIES: pilot agreement; Huggins Hospital;


TAX EXEMPT PROPERTIES: conservation commission; conservation easements; exempt organization mission statements; profits; catholic churches; conflict of interest statement; Barn Stormers;


TAX EXEMPT PROPERTIES: Mission statements; Pine Tree Power; profit loss; CARROLL COUNTY BROADBAND: letter of commitment; m2v ; AMBULANCE SERVICE: meeting scheduling;


AMBULANCE SERVICE: meeting scheduling; TOWN AUDIT: town owned property buybacks; RFP: contract extension; town owned property;


TOWN OWNED PROPERTY: securing town owned property; non public session RSA 91-A: 3 II (c) #1 #2; ROLL CALL TAKEN: Board states in public that NP #1 #2 are sealed it was reported that the vote to seal was taken in non public.

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