Wakefield Selectmen Meeting | December 12, 2012

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Wakefield Selectmen meeting from 12/12/12. John Fournier meets with the Selectmen to issue a final farewell to Wakefield. To understand why Mr. Fournier is leaving Wakefield read: http://www.newhampshirelakesandmountains.com/Articles-Granite-State-News-c-2012-05-30-156395.113119-Wakefield-resident-challenges-town-tax-map-of-his-property.html - 00:20, Encumbrances of 2012 funds, Professional services- Heritage Commission Master Plan- $2,000.00, -17:35, Oil shed/ Generator update- 19:39, GASB 54 (Governmental Accounting Standards Board) 54 is the latest addition- 22:50, Investment policy, suppose to be done every year, hasn't been done since 2005?- 24:15, Letter of support for Shenanigans' Wednesday Night Karaoke- 26:32, Dan Davis letter to selectmen about issue with the town beach- 27:33, Liaison reports: Selectmen, Peter Kasprazik, Conservation Commission, Heritage Commission, vehicle maintenance committee, extra buses, insurance coverage for turntable park, - 29:40, Selectmen, Charlie Richards, Planning Board, new zoning amendments, budget Committee, Recreation Department- fundraiser, basketball, scoreboard operator, Pride Day, Ski program, food pantry, tree lighting, field renovation plan- 33:08, Town Administrator, Teresa Williams, fuel oil odor in building, capital reserve improvement line, sprinkler system, generator, missing roof shingles, website/ Virtual Town Hall or E-host - 37:50, payment manifests, entry keys lock box, - 53:54, Treasurers Warrants, 1,632,614,08.00, 73,188,44.00 -57:37, approval of previous minutes- 59:31,

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