Wakefield Selectmen Meeting | January 9, 2013

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Wakefield NH Selectmen meeting from 1/9/13.
00:21- Bracket Rd Acton Maine/ Wakefield NH Watershed project.
09:08- FEMA flood map changes, public hearing. 14:46- History on MRI report. 20:29- Evergreen Mountain Snow Mobile Club. 40:11- 2013 Warrant Articles. Vote taken. 42:54- DOT Correspondence reference cross walk. 44:30- Liaison Reports; Conservation; Planning Board; Town Administrator; Maple street bridge repair estimate form; Virtual Town hall agreement (new website provider); Clear-view memorandum of agreement; handicap parking; Deputy code position, rate of pay;
55:05- Union Meadows Easement emails; Conservation Chair Dave Mankus scheduled for next meeting. 59:13- Warrant expenditures; treasurers; school; 1:00:20- Review of previous meeting minutes. 1:00:58- Relf Fogg; 1:03:35- meeting reopened to correct Selectmen Charlie Edwards' vote on Warrant Articles.

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