Wakefield Selectmen Meeting | January 23, 2013

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Wakefield New Hampshire Selectmen meeting from January 23, 2013. The meeting took place at 2 High Street, Sanbornville, 7:00pm 00:26 Cynthia Copeland, Executive director of the Strafford Regional Planning Commission; hazard mitigation planning; Comprehensive Economic Development Federal funding; Education Functions and workshops; broadband mapping and planning; Culvert assessment database; Geomorphic Compatibility rankings and Aquatic Organisms passage compatibility ratings; Regional master plan review; outreach events in support of the Granite State Future initiative The Granite State Future Agreement, also known as the Sustainable Communities Initiative at the Federal Level, it is a federal partnership program between HUD, the DOT and the EPA and towns throughout the United States. The GSF is a consortium of nine regional planning commissions, with the Nashua Regional Planning Commission (NRPC) designated as the "lead point of contact with HUD on behalf of the program. 18:30 Jim Miller, representing Clear view Community Access Television; establishing the Non Profit local channel 3; Editing equipment; franchise fee;
1:00:15 Dave Mankus, Conservation Commission Chair, Union Meadows update; 1:02:48 Moose Mountain Greenways vote to donate monies to Wakefield Conservation fund. 1:03:52 Public Comment; Ed Comeau -creating committee to review process of how land is put into conservation; Jim Miller- Warrant article educational video's; Relf Fogg- upholding oath of office; Mona Parrault of Rochester in opposition to Wakefield considering the Granite State Future; 1:09:29 Ken Eyring of Windham, presents his research on the Granite State Future federal grant program; 1:16:09 Rosemary Landry of Meredith NH conveys her opposition to the Granite State Future Federal community grant program. 1:17:59 Ed Comeau of Government Oversite.com and Brookfield's representative on the Strafford Regional Planning Commission speaks in opposition of the Federal Grant Program known as the Granite State Future Agreement. 1:19:27 Liaison reports; Heritage commission new heater; plans and priorities for 2013; Bus operation field trip; WPI renovations; Warrant assignments;
1:36:30 Relf Fogg, announces candidates night at the Concerned Residents of Wakefield February 4th at 7:00 pm

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