Wakefield Selectmen Meeting | April 24, 2013

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Wakefield NH Selectmen meeting from 4/24/13. The Selectmen convene their meetings at 2 High Street, Sanbornville and it began at 3:00 pm.

01:00 Acceptance of highway safety grant; Sobriety Checkpoint- discussion ensues; public comment; concern over the Fourth Amendment issue; federal monies; effectiveness; roving patrols; comments by Jerry Oconnor and Ed Comeau.

24:10 CRF expenditures; new police cruiser and lettering;

26:44 Thomas Beeler makes public comment about sobriety checkpoints and highway fatalities; update on septage pumps being clogged with flushed debris;

32:07 Liaison reports; Selectmen Charlie Richards- North Wakefield Bridge bid for repair;
cost of bid; reading of agreement letter; Police Department report of burglary in Brookfield; rabies clinic; drug prescription take back program; firearm safety program; hunting an boating licenses; reporting of auto accidents; equipment maintenance, plows; winter sand hauling;

39:11 public comment- Steve Brown; maintenance of buses; discussion of proposal to have maintenance of buses down by town and not contracted out; concern of liability; Jerry Oconnor- concern that the School Board Chair Steve Brown is speaking about bus maintenance without the school board input; Steve Brown rebutes;

47:50 Connie Trombley thanks planning board recording secretary for her work.

48:40 Toni Bodah, new cruiser buyers agreement; parking lot sink hole work report; drainage issues at Gafney Library; Culvert replacement; Septage lagoon land spreading;

51:59 Building permit releases; payroll manifest; treasures warrant- reimbursement of taxes; fire department salmon falls system flushing;

58:53 Public Comment; commend police response for burglary in Brookfield;

1:00:55 Introduction of new Fosters Newspaper reporter- Mikaela K. Reynolds her story here: http://fosters.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20130425/GJNEWS_01/130429523/-1/RocNews0108&template=RochesterRegion
Open discussion of agenda items; announcement of Pachamama Alliance group sponsored by a local church visiting the town opera house; discussion of capacity of operahouse;

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