Wakefield Selectmen Meeting | February 12, 2014

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Wakefield NH Selectmen meeting from 2/12/14. The Selectmen convene their meetings at 2 High Street, at the Wakefield Town Hall and it began at 7:00 pm.

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00:01 [Tibbets] SANBORNVILLE WATER DISTRICT; [Peter Kasprazik][Kenney Paul][Charlie Richards][Connie Twombley][Teresa Williams]; Water district operator licenses; Sanbornville Water District budget; expenses; Lovell Lake new construction Warrant article; water line replacement; 2013 budget comparison; 2014 draft budget; cost per 1,000 gallons; process of hiring; infrastructure maintenance; system mapping; training new water district operators;

10:00 [Tibbets] SANBORNVILLE WATER DISTRICT; condition of piping; Water district precinct Commissioners; reading water meters;[Teresa Williams][Charlie Richards][Kenney Paul]; process of hiring; operational structure of water district commission; sewer district commission; water district water line condition; capital reserve funds; [Connie Twombley]; Water Commission Charter; Fire Precincts;

20:00 [Tibbets] SANBORNVILLE WATER DISTRICT; [Kenney Paul][Charlie Richards][Connie Twombley][Pam Wiggin]; construction costs within budget; water tank refurbishment; infrastructure maintenance; MRi study; [Phil Twombley] combining services; hiring a public works director; sewer; transfer station; highway; advertising a water commissioner position; licensing water operators;

27:38 [Pam Wiggin] MOVING RAILROAD BUILDING; Old Freight House; Heritage Commission; Click Here to visit Heritage Commission public services; [Phil Twombley]; PSNH; turntable park location; history of Old Freight House; estimates for moving building; Garvin Building; dedicated Heritage funds; rail road car exhibit; Union Rail Station exhibit; site plan review; [Kenney Paul]; need of additional funds; leased property; lease agreement between the State and the Town of Wakefield expires 2017; removal of tank buried on property;

49:44 PUBLIC COMMENTS #1; [Jim Miller]; moving old freight house; planning board; site plan; [Kenney Paul];[Pam Wiggin]; location and size of building;

51:22 GREATER RESOURCE CENTER LEASE; [Kenney Paul]; [Teresa Williams][Charlie Richards];[Connie Twombley]; history of rent payments; lease perimeters; Motion to sign lease agreement; 2nd; unanimous;

0:52:52 ASSISTANT TAX COLLECTOR APPOINTMENT; [Kenney Paul][Teresa Williams];[Charlie Richards]; Motion to accept appointment; [Kim Burrell]; 2nd; unanimous;

0:53:52 PUBLIC COMMENT #2; [Ed Comeau];[Kenney Paul] Therriualt’s Golf Resort project; Middleton NH; aviation subdivision; Ridge Road; Middleton Hill; banquet hall;

0:55:16 ADMINISTRATORS UPDATE; [Teresa Williams]; [Jim Miller] Warrant Article Interviews WCTV; Zoning Ordinances; educating voters; Candidate interviews; Selectmen; [Rosemary Stewart]; abatement legal challenges; litigation; Selectmen signatures for State election ballot for Executive Councilor; Time Warner Cable Franchise agreement; WPi [Wakefield Projects Inc.]; meeting report; bids; tax acquired properties;

1:11:38 BUILDING PERMIT RELEASES; 45 Shore Rd; Motion to accept; 2nd; unanimous; appreciation letter;

1:13:32 TREASURERS WARRANTS #4 2014; $773,800.54; Motion to carry; 2nd; unanimous;

1:14:12 REVIEW OF PREVIOUS MEETING MINUTES Jan. 22, 2104; Motion to carry; 2nd; unanimous;

1:14:31 LETTER FROM BILL GAVER [Connie Twombley] Wakefield open house; teaching tour; moderator gavel;

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