Wakefield Selectmen Meeting | February 26, 2014

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Wakefield NH Selectmen meeting from 2/26/14. The Selectmen convene their meetings at 2 High Street, at the Wakefield Town Hall and the meeting began at 7:00 pm.

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00:01 [Nate Fogg]; Town Forester RFP; (request for proposal); process of requesting bids; Forest management plan; delay in harvesting timber; setting up a fund account; Forestry Maintenance fund; Conservation Commission’s involvement in the Forestry management plan; Forest maintenance committee; projected revenue generation related to the management of Town Forest; possible boundary line agreements; land survey costs; recreation use; trails and path; 48 inch oak tree; RSA 31 power and duties of towns; process of hiring a forester; designated and undesignated funds; use of forestry funds; Wakefield Town Forest is approx. 45 acres;

17:40 Public comment: Relf Fogg: history of town forest; conflict of interests; feather bedding; gold bricking; Rosemary Stewart; abatements; Board and Land Tax appeal process; assessing process; assessor elected position; abatement process; flawed market study; Jim Miller: legal fees; legal action against the town of Wakefield; Ed Comeau: Middleton Planning meeting regarding Therriault’s Golf Resort; Jim Miller: Master plan additions not required by RSA;

28:50 Septic Pumping RFP; pumping schedule; Motion to accept Lakes Region Septic; 2nd; unanimous; lease renewal for Faith Renewal Fellowship Church; Motion to renew lease agreement; 2nd; unanimous.

32:31 Opera House painting project; RFP; Kenny Paul; Teresa Williams; insurance; workman’s comp; WPi grants; Motion to accept; 2nd; unanimous;

33:56 Correspondence; NH division of historic resources; Kenny Paul; Pam Wiggin; Canal addition to national historic registry; Town of Acton; $6,000 grant;

35:54 Milton Planning Board public hearing regarding a excavation pit; [Kenny Paul]; Eastern Lakes Region Housing Coalition; requesting use of Wakefield Conference room- Saturday May 10, 2014;

37:33 Liaison Reports; [Charlie Richards]; Road Maintenance; truck spring replacement; sanding; plowing; ice fishing tournament; Transfer station smoking policy; [Connie Trombley]; road maintenance; [Teresa Williams]; PS&H historic building; ZBA meeting regarding Rt. 16 zoning; Grange update; Stage Coach museum;

43:33 Selectmen’s letter of appreciation; [Charlie Richards; [Kenny Paul]; administrators update; [Teresa Williams]; waiving ambulance invoice; Deputy tax collector wages; Rocky Point Road sewer connection; CMA letter of approval; pump station 1 project; Selectmen approval request; pump station one cost concern; flooding issue; high water level, pumping priming; emergency calls;

53:00 Building Permit releases; Payment manifest; treasures warrant #6 2014; Motion to carry; 2nd; unanimous; side discussion regarding FMLA; Treasures Warrant #5 2014; Motion to carry; 2nd; unanimous; Acceptance of previous meeting minutes; 2nd; unanimous.

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