Wakefield Selectmen Meeting | April 22, 2015

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Wakefield NH Selectmen meeting from 4/22/15. The Selectmen convene their meetings at 2 High Street, at the Wakefield Town Hall and the meeting began at 7:00 pm.

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Encrypted analysis: N87Uu3DqhuV1hGUfn4vtCzk1bQDCHSwY


Pledge of Allegiance.


Public Comments; [John Blackwood] repairs to town vehicles; CDL requirement on driver hiring policy; Dump sticker enforcement;


Public comments; [Ed Comeau] Sobriety checkpoint grant; addressing alcohol use; checkpoint charlie; 250 motor vehicle stops; 4th Amendment rights; comprehensive public awareness campaign; personal responsibility; heroin epidemic;


Public comments; [Jim Miller] Sobriety checkpoints; no evidence of effectiveness; incrimination; "cops speak" ; giving up rights;


Public comments; Transfer station policies; petition regarding dump picking;


Transfer station layout design plan;


Transfer station ordinance revision; requiring clear trash bags;


Discussion of petition regarding the "leave it, take it" area within the transfer station;


Selectmen discuss and vote not to accept the grant to conduct the Sobriety Check point;

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