Wakefield Selectmen Meeting | April 26, 2017

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Meeting Notes

Wakefield NH Selectmen meeting from 4/26/17. The Selectmen convened this meetings at 2 High Street, at the Wakefield Town Hall and the meeting began at 7:00 pm. Selectmen Lino Avellani, Charlie Edwards, and Connie Twombley collectively administer the operations of the Town. Town Administrator: Kelley Collins. Administrative Assistant: Toni Bodah. Finance Clerk: Michelle MacDonald.

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Location Coordinates

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Appointments; cancellations;


Unscheduled Business; article #20; Drew Mill Dam funding; [note: Chair states Avellani will speak on #20, but instead a discussion of ratifying the storm election results occurs]; House Bill 329; process; public hearing; May 24 ratifying results election and Drew dam funding;


Reorganization of board; Chair; Edwards; Vice Chair Twombley;


Tax acquired property auction; 5 properties; 2 properties added; 90 offer of redemption letter; attorney Sager;


Highway Department Summer Hours; Lee Nichols;


UNH T2 On Site Classes


New Business; Public Service Building Bids; EJ Hennessy; Corporate Electrical; EJ Hennessy; insulation bids: North East spray; Target N.E.; Northeast spray; Fiberglass: sprinkler bid; only one bid submitted; plumbing bids; sheetrock bids;


Town Hall elevator cleanup update; Serve pro; rail painting; sump pump; check valve;


Skateboard park ramp replacement;


6. Correspondence Clearview [Franchise] account totals; Quarterly Report


Administrators update; Bracket Road drainage issue; Sager; trench permit; septic installation;


Strafford Regional Planning Commission dues payment refusal; invasive species public hearing; 7 pm May 24th;


Brookfield information requests regarding provided services; Municipal Services Committee; Dianne Smith; HB 329;


Treasures monthly report;


Treasures monthly report;


Committee Membership Appointments;


Payment Manifests


Payment Manifests


Board Minutes – April 12, 2017;


Selectmen’s Work Session; Land behind Tumble Down Farm; Ken Paul; Transfer station committee;


Wakefield Resident donates Kevlar bullet proof vests and submits criminal charges against three police officers


McChesney: I didn’t know you were ending already I thought you had something more to do. I’ve got a gift for the town Edwards: Gifts? Well yeah, Kevlar vests, that I don’t need anymore that I’m Donating to the town. and then I have bad news for you. I’ve got three officers that are going to be charged For a number of crimes against my son and myself Here’s the paperwork I want to warn you that this is coming and now that you own this [vest] I’d appreciate if you would let the police know That I am no longer a terrorists because I don’t own the vest anymore They can take my picture down Warning that I’m a threat to the community alright sir. Edwards: you bet.

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