Wakefield Selectmen Meeting | April 11, 2018

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Meeting Notes

Wakefield NH Selectmen meeting from 4/11/18. (WSM)

The Selectmen convened this meetings at 2 High Street, at the Wakefield Town Hall and the meeting began at 7:00 pm.

Location Coordinates

Selectmen: Chair: Representative Lino Avellani,

Selectmen: Vice Chair: Connie Twombley

Selectmen: Vin Wallace.

Town Administrator: Kelley Collins.

Administrative Assistant: Toni Bodah.

Finance Clerk: Michelle MacDonald.

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Encrypted analysis: v4kadrepap7asufEhe3Ema35UQucan76


Pledge; 2 articles to be signed; highway maintenance trucks;

1 Freight-liner; $208,250.00 M2V3-0

2 $208,250.00 M2Discussion: need for truck #2; MRI 2013 report; 10 wheel trucks; long term maintenance plan; slide in sanders; 4 season dump beds; 6 wheelers versus 10 wheelers; GPS equipped;


Truck #2 $208,250.00 M2Discussion: town coverage; drop in sander efficiency; maintenance of sander; photo presented showing truck roll over; sander operation; salting; sander control units; pounds per mile controls; salt broadcasting control; closed loop system; shaft speed sensor;

M2V3-0- Truck #2;

GPS program; Wakefield Police PD; officer safety protocols;


Highway purchase order: GPS program; police cruisers; vehicle maintenance budget; GPS installation process;

M2V3-0: table to next meeting;

Vice Chair nominations: M2V2-0 1 abstention;

Liaison assignments process; Fire Department; Police Department; Highway Department;


Liaison assignment process; access to Selectmen individually with concerns; internal policy; Town Administrator involvement; Public comments: Liaison assignments; internal communications; disposition of old trucks; capital reserve funds; general funds;


Disposition of old trucks; New Business: campground structures; property tax deeding; demolition process; disposition of tax deeded building that is within a campground; seal bids; private property; right of first refusal; requesting Town Attorney advice;

Correspondence: resignation letter; Nathan Fogg: code enforcement officer; conservation commission;


Resignation letter; Nathan Fogg: code enforcement officer; health officer; 911; M2discussionV3-0

Charter communication changes; Public comment extensive non public sessions delay of main Selectmen meetings; campground cottage communities; taxing process; Effingham; Statutory control of campground cottage versus mobile home parks; Administrators update: Town Hall windows; LCHIP grants; window replacement- restoration; NH Preservation Alliance; bidding process; time extension; list of preferred vendors; Town bridge assessment process: SRPC; maintenance plan; SRPC membership; road assessment; Technology transfer center; T2;


Technology transfer center; #T2; infrastructure inventory; Tax deed list payment process: success of collection of taxes; plowing SAU101 Paul School parking lot; DPW director; managing expectations; Public comment: plowing;

conservation commission appointment: M2V3-0;

Fire Warden member list; M2V3-0;

**Public comment; new code enforcement officer;

Treasurers payroll warrant: 95,474$.95 M2V3-0;

Treasurers warrant: 365$.00 M2V3-0;

Treasurers warrant 7,226$.00 M2V3-0;

Treasures warrant 765,579$.66 M2V3-0;


Treasurers warrant: 365$.00 M2V3-0;

Treasurers warrant 7,226$.00 M2V3-0;

Treasures warrant 765,579$.66 M2V3-0;

Public meeting minutes 3/28/2018; resolution on public hearing M2V3-0

Non public: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 M2V3-0; 11, 13, M2V3-0

Work Session: establishing equipment committees; transfer station ordinance committee; CIP;

Past Wakefield Selectmen Meetings