Wakefield Selectmen Meeting | July 10, 2019

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Meeting Notes

The Selectmen convened this meeting at 2 High Street, at the Wakefield Town Hall, and the meeting began at 7:00 pm. Selectmen Charlie Edwards, Mark Duffy and Kenny Paul, collectively administer the operations of the Town. Town Administrator: Kelley Collins. Administrative Assistant: Toni Bodah. Finance Clerk: Michelle MacDonald.

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Location Coordinates

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Call to order; pledge; Road Agent; snow plow routes; winter road maintenance; sanding; dirt roads; private contractor hire; employee stress reduction; travel time; Pine River Pond Road; North Wakefield Road; Flynn Road;


Snow plow routes; winter road maintenance; winter road maintenance savings;


Snow plow routes; winter road maintenance; municipal plowing; plow driver fatigue; $70.00 per hour; storms per year; subcontractor bonding; seasonal hiring; RFP; attorney review;


Snow plow routes; winter road maintenance; overtime use; insurance costs; snow plowing efficiency; ice storms; previous snow equipment purchases; sand quality;


Winter road maintenance; plow routes; TRANSFER STATION UPDATE: new bailer; test bailes; transfer station process; transfer station ordinance;


Transfer station ordinance; recycling stream; Town meeting; market based analysis; glass; plastics; corrugated cardboard; MSW; #1 plastic; #2 plastic; transfer station signage;


TRANSFER STATION UPDATE: Aluminum; transfer station process; septic trucks; flat rates; electronic gates; COLD PATCH;


COLD PATCH schedule; Acton Ridge Road; Perkins Hill; PRIMEX CONTRACT: 18% 3 year cap; safety meetings; Resolution read into record; m2v;


PRIMEX CONTRACT: selectmen signature; SEWER WARRANT: m2v; POLICE CRUISER RADIO PURCHASE: m2v; FIRE RESCUE: cylinder and valve purchase: m2v; CIA maintenance agreement GIS system; m2v; INVASIVE SPECIES expenditure; m2v; TRANSFER STATION PURCHASES: bailer; concrete pads; sheds; pumps; electrical installation; m2v;


TRANSFER STATION PURCHASES: bailer; concrete pads; sheds; pumps; electrical installation; Eversource fence; PLANNING BOARD conditional use permit; public service; abutters notification; distribution circuit; 16 structures; utility easement; steel monopole installation;


PUPLIC SERVICE STEEL MONOPOLE UTILITY POLE INSTALLATIONS; Cash on hand report; Opera House; WPI; exit codes; electrical conduits; Town Clock Tower maintenance;


TOWN ADMINISTRATORS UPDATE: ambulance bills; Comstar; ambulance invoice collection process; Social Security numbers; signatures; HIPPA laws; Medicare Auditing; electronic signatures; m2v; m2v;


ADMINISTRATORS UPDATE: Town financial audit completion; audit report 2018; school district funding; Wakefield budget committee; offsetting budget deficits; taxes; office upgrade scope of work; counter height;


ADMINISTRATORS UPDATE: Health Trust forum; TREASURES MONTHLY REPORT: balances; TD Bank; Profile Bank; BUILDING PERMIT RELEASES: m2v; PAYMENT MANIFEST: payroll warrant; m2v; treasures warrant; m2v; school payment: $792,000 per month; PUBLIC BOARD MINUTES; m2v; SEALED: m2v;

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