Carroll County DOC Subcommittee Meeting | February 4, 2013

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Delegation subcommittee that was created to oversight the County Jail budget. The meeting was held at the county jail, 50 County Farm Road Ossipee, NH. It began at 9:00am. In attendance; Representative Steve Schmitt; Syndi White; Susan Ticehurst. County Commissioners; David Babson; David Sorensen; Jail Superintendent Jason Johnson. Jump points are as follows: 01:03 Discussion of Minutes.

01:04 Money line for internal investigations; fees and services; contract negotiations; legal fees; proposal for line Item specifically for legal services.

8:30 Turnover rates for County Jail employees.

12:44 Introduction of formal exit interviews.

13:54 David Babson, loss of employees; contract stipulations referencing County paid certifications.

16:32 2011 Number of employee terminations; number of offenders with a mental health diagnosis; primary substance abuse; dual diagnosis; head injuries;

20:27 Inmates that are repeat offenders;

21:37 Breakdown of camera upgrades; uniform compliment; boot allowance; batterers program.

25:12 David Babson, question about anger management; battering program; Tri County Cap; Northern Services;

26:39 David Sorensen, maintenance position; shop supplies; lift rental; painting supplies; shop supplies;

30:10 David Babson, what items are new to the budget?

31:08 Steve Schmitt, suggests reducing shop supplies line until expenditures can be substantiated; building insurance;

35:10 Education and Conferences; correction academy; NIC National Institute of Correction;

40:41 Other supplies; line 35; drug testing supplies; hygien items (trays); non food supplies; Sysco orders;

43:24 Revenues; jail income; work release fees; electronic monitoring; telephone?;

45:43 David Babson, eliminating categories?; line 031 revenue; 030-031 corrections academy; Pre release academy grant which ended;

49:00 Expense line 017 reduced by 3,500 move to 030 academy line increase by 3,500;

52:35 Steve Schmitt, line 72 travel expense reduction from 3,700 to 2,050

53:52 Line 80 care of grounds; paving; 8,896; discussion of line 82 equipment repairs?; replacement of glazing at processing entrance; security locks; replacement cameras; fire wall cap; door closers; miscellaneous repairs.

1:00:00 Discussion of heat; propane; snowblower; radio's; computers;

1:10:13 Capital lines; cameras; paving 8,000 too expensive?; tilt pan zoom cameras;

1:16:39 How many inmates on work release?

1:17:43 Steve Schmitt to Melissa Seamans, Carroll County Independent; letter about grants; educational programs; JAG grants;

1:19:17 Steve Schmitt, review of line changes;

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