Carroll County DOC Subcommittee Meeting | February 21, 2014

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Delegation Subcommittee for the House of Corrections. The meeting was held on February 21, 2014 at the Carroll County Complex, Delegation Room, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and it began at 10:15 am. The Subcommittee reviews the Jail Budget and makes recommendations to the Full Delegation.

Attendance: Commissioners David Sorensen; David Babson; Asha Kenney; Representatives Mark McConkey; Steve Schmitt, Cyndi White; Susan Ticehurst; HOC Assistant Superintendent Jason Henry.

Media: Mellisa Seamans, Carroll County Independent. Ed Comeau,

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00:01 Prisoner cost per day; [Steve Schmitt]; [Jason Henry]; Jail personnel termination stats; accepting inmates from outside the County; County Jail Comparison; 2013- 21,000 inmate bed days; average daily population 73; cost per day $105; approx. $43,000 per year; ADP average daily populations comparison to other counties; accepting Federal Inmates; [Susan Ticehurst] lack of accurate projections; approx. $90 per day federal reimbursement; Maine Corrections accepting federal inmates; process of negotiating rates;

10:00 Alarming rate of Corrections Staff turnover rate; [Steve Schmitt]; terminations; resignations; personal reasons; Corrections staff pay rate; $15- $16 per hour; [David Babson]; improving hiring process; [David Sorensen]; accurately assessing the reasons for turnover; annual comparisons to other counties; breakdown of reasons for turnover;

20:00 Review of Jail Budget; [Steve Schmitt]; Line item-[005 overtime]; increase in staffing; online training program; [010 salary line]; administrative salaries; [018 education and conferences]; [David Babson]; [David Sorensen]; medical service line; Affordable Healthcare Act; inmate program costs [029]; breakdown of inmate programs; Thinking for a change program; GED classes; pretrial sentencing;

30:00 [inmate programs 029]; [Steve Schmitt]; [Susan Ticehurst]; [Syndi Whit]; proposal of reducing inmate program line by $1500; [nursing home supplies 040]; daily supplies, trash bags etc; [uniform expenses 053]; [Syndi White]; projections; handcuffs; duty belt equipment; 97,000 less then previous years budget line;

40:00 [Mark McConkey] reasons for turnover rate; County retained equipment; [Steve Schmitt]; large percentage increase; [electronic monitoring 061]; Jail revenues line versus expense line; [Jason Henry] work release program; [vehicle expense line 078]; blue light installation on transport vehicles; legal requirements;

50:00 [Mark McConkey]; [Steve Schmitt]; [Jason Henry]; cost of vehicle light bars; HOC vehicles; [David Babson]; HOC farm work details; process of work programs; breakdown of program numbers in hours; [Susan Ticehurst]; recap of line items in question; [David Babson] HOC heating costs; propane; propane pre-buy;

1:00:00 Total County fuel line breakdown; [Steve Schmitt]; discretionary; non discretionary; process of budget break down; [David Sorensen]; [David Babson] raising the fuel line; [Mark McConkey]; adding fuel, water, metering; [Jason Henry]; [Susan Ticehurst]; frustrations regarding the format of budget; utilizing spreadsheets; total county fuel costs; Eastern Propane prebuy policy; number of fuel delivers and cost;

1:10:00 Average fuel usage; [David Babson]; [Mark McConkey]; average per gallon; [Steve Schmitt]; [Jason Henry] total HOC year end proposed budget 2014 $3,372,000; [Susan Ticehurst]; actual versus proposed budget; increase of $175,000; Union negotiations;

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