Carroll County Land Advisory Committee Meeting | June 25, 2018

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Meeting Notes

Carroll County NH Land Advisory Committee meeting from 6/25/18. This committee was formed by the commission to explore uses for the 800+ acres and buildings that constitute the county farm. The Committee met at the County administration building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began at 2:00 pm.

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Committee members: Steve Knox, Chair Amanda Bevard (Commissioner member. Susan Gaudet (Wakefield), Dale Drew (Conway), Mark McConkey (Delegation Member), Sandra Brocar (Silver Lake),

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Call to order at 2:02 pm; Steve Knox; Amanda Bevard; Susan Gaudet; Dale Drew; Mark McConkey;


Trail creation overview; $3,700.00 Primex grant; Employee wellness loops; Master gardeners; Native species planting; Natural resources stewards program; UNH; Existing County wellness trail; 6.2 miles; Scout troops; Site walks; Commissioners presentation;


Blueberry bushes; Troop 150; North Conway; Leasing; Blueberry harvesting; Blueberry bush maintenance; Herbicide application; Mowing; Mulching; Troop 151; 142; 165; Arrows of life rank; Blueberry pies; Camping; #TomHowe; Annex kitchen use; Head Start; Freezing Blueberries; Commissioners commitment; Multi use trails; Horse trails; Horse boarding;


Horse boarding; Trail rider farms; 12 different disciplines; Dressage; Trails systems; Horse back riding; #WildoodstablesAcadia; #GreenMountainHorseAssociationStables; Summer boarding; Horse transports; Pig barn use; Hay barn; Existing buildings; Pipe barns; #GattyRanch; Vermont Horse riding; Regional interest in horse riding; Water; Electric; Existing equine business; Hunter- Jumper horse back riding; State regulations regarding camping; County funding; County Delegation; Public private partnership; Pavilion building; County employees; Pony clubs;


Commission opinion of proposed uses previously discussed; Trails; Horse trails; Scouts Blueberry harvesting; Blueberry production numbers; Mowing; Mulching; Commission presentation; Pick your own; Scouts business plan project; Use of annex kitchen; Pumpkin patch;


MOTION: M-McConkey To agree to present the trail, Scouts, Blueberry proposals to the next Commission meeting. 2nd-Drew-Discussion Who will present; Type of presentation;
[V-BevardY ; GaudetY ; KnoxY ; McConkeyY ;DrewY ; BrocarY ;


CONSERVATION EASEMENTS: #TomHowe; #ProtectionofNHForests; County land easements; Projected County land needs; Commercial kitchens; Leasing hayfields; Leases for grazing; High tunnels; Food hub; Production Ag.; Feasibility study funding; Community Development Finance Authority; Community Development block grants; Farm income data; Average farm income data; Farmer survey data; #ShawnJasper; US Census Data;


Feasibility study; Agricultural Learning Center; Solar installations; Siemens energy audit; Solar net metering; Electricity rates; #NHSolar; Conway water precinct; #RevisionSolar;


Committee presentation to commissioners: Feasibility study funding; #CarrollCountyfarmbureau; Listening session; Surveys; #DaymondSteer; #ConwayDailySun; Publicity; Crystal Lake; Community Loan Fund: farming; Food cooperatives; Planting pumpkins;

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