Carroll County Sheriff Subcommittee Meeting | January 24, 2013

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Carroll County Delegation subcommittee on the Sheriff's department budget. The Delegation meets to review the Sheriff Department budget line by line. The delegation met at the County Administration building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee. 01:30 Highway Patrol Grant Funding. 03:07 Replacement Patrol Vehicles. 06:00 Administrative Salaries/ Wages. 14:00 Medical insurance. 11:27 Sliding scales. 16:30 Bailiff salaries. 26:00 Vehicle expenses; fuel 27:35 Evaluating the possibility of a County fuel pump; discussion of fuel prices; process of fueling vehicles; 34:08 Camera/ darkroom. 35:10 Firearm Training and equipment; 5,000.00 more; Total 12,000.00; Ammunition cost; 38:30 Story about lead contamination at firearm training center in Tilton NH- David Babson. 40:37 I.T. budget. 41:00 End result; 42:37 Filling open deputy position; prosecutor; 47:20 Dispatch budget review. 48:41 Medical insurance. 50:34 Dispatch uniform discussion; David Babson; moral factor; is in union contract; 53:10 David Babson; historic pistol purchase process; inventory of weapons; updating weapons; Trade in deals; 55:42 Dispatch telephone expenses; pagers; cell phones; 1:00:25 Karel Crawford discusses dispatch area services with Sheriff;
1:13:52 David Sorensen- what is the Sheriff's opinion on the vehicle impound yard? estimate for impound project; impounding process; 1:22:54 Discussion of County Hummers; who owns them? How many?

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