Carroll County Sheriff Subcommittee Meeting | February 4, 2013

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Carroll County Delegation Subcommittee meeting for the County Sheriff's Department budget review. The meeting took place at the County Administration building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee. The meeting began at 11:10am.

00:40 Sheriff Richardi discusses changes in wage salary line 007; wages and salary;

02:22 Timeline for hiring for new Chief Deputy position; retirement;

12:00 Salaries; workman's comp; comparisons of adopted budget 2012; union contracts; previous positions; prosecutor;

16:25 Dues licenses and subscriptions; IMC computer reporting program; cancelled subscriptions; law reference program;

18:23 Special details; Albany; outside commercial details; highway safety grant;

19:36 Access to system for mobile card computer data system (mobile hot spot) to communicate with Concord (running checks with computer cell system on laptop in vehicle;

26:00 Sheriff dispatch; medical insurance; family and single plans; full time, part time; number of dispatchers; Change in Family plan;

29:27 Copier expenses; uniforms for dispatch employees; working to remove supplying uniforms;

31:41 Education and conferences; training for emergency dispatch; Regional training conference; Police standards and training;

33:55 Fees and Services costs; radios; contracts on tower leases; Ossipee valley electronics?;

35:40 Employee turnover in dispatch; field training; stops training; emergency response training;

37:40 Discussion about NH legislation allowing the use of license plate scanning hardware/ software device for law enforcement; accessing amber alerts; automatic printing of summonses.

40:47 Unemployment; emergency smart board; IT budget contract administration of computers that was done by Dave Myers, former Captain;

46:54 Fees and services and equipment line for dispatch; David Sorensen, Why has the Sheriff and dispatch workman comp costs gone up?

48:43 Deposits of fees; Quarterly? service fees for writs; a discussion of process.

50:35 Grant for road patrols in Albany, for forest services; who does patrol; 55.00 an hour?; Set schedules; milage paid through Federal grant; discussion of available grants; AG's; Highway safety grants; free bike helmets; interest of Writ money, interest bearing account?; commercial details; flag person- construction details;

56:16 Court system costs reimbursement; Bailiffs; bailiff responsibilities; firearm training; who keeps tracked of firearms;

1:01:13 Call to service; dispatch center town charges; how towns are charged for service;

1:04:010 Moultonboro selectmen's meeting; dispatch services; concerns about using Carroll County dispatch; backup option; using analog backup for poor reception areas; Lakes Region mutual aid; Moultonboro speaks blog;

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