Carroll County Sheriff Subcommittee Meeting | January 13, 2014

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Delegation Subcommittee 1/13/14. The Committee was formed for review of the Carroll County Sheriff and Dispatch Department Budgets.

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00:01 Carroll County Sheriff Department Expenditures; Dispatch; administrative salaries; 2013 actual budget; 3 administrators; Sheriff Secretary; Chief Deputy Young, Santuccio, [Shackford]; State Drug Task force- County has separated from this task force- $10,000; Albany Contract- Grant- $20,000; NH Highway Safety Grant;

05:00 NH Highway Safety Grant; Speed Grant; Sobriety Checkpoint Grant; Grant Salaries; Grant Fund revenue; processing grant funds; sobriety Checkpoint funds- $500;

10:00 Grant Salaries; special details; NH Highway Safety Grant; commercial details; budgeted overtime; overtime; 3rd shift; revenue grant funds;

15:00 Dispatch overhaul; March 2014; $900,000; dispatch consoles; Ossipee Valley Mutual Aid; upgrading towers; Microwave simulcast systems; Belknap County; Grafton County; Cruiser radar units; half match grants; radars and equipment; Homeland security grant;

20:00 Homeland Security Grant; Federal Government Grant; Crawford- “It’s nice to get free money” Wright- “There’s no such thing as free money” Richardi relates commissioner Babson’s reluctance to approve funds that have not been secured; grant details on communication upgrades; discussion- how grants effect the tax rate;

25:00 Discussion- how grants are processed through taxes; expenditures; overtime line item; $42,000; reduction to $40,000; part time deputy salary; new line for Bailiff salaries; Uniform Court Deputies; Transports;

30:00 Part time deputies; Transport Deputies; Bailiffs; using overtime budget; reducing overtime; part time salary; Union negotiations;

35:00 Union negotiations .040 cents and hour raises; over budgeting = overtaxing; medicare; social security; dues and licenses; computer software maintenance; K- 9 use; not bite but a drug and search; Black Lab- 10 years old;

40:00 K- 9 use; PR; search of vehicles; search of home; Ossipee; Freedom; State Police; uniform expense is a contract issue; computer expense; hardware and software; I.T. line; failure of a dispatch computer; anticipated end of life equipment replacement;

45:00 County Liability and Insurance; car insurance; business office; 40% increase; [not clear why the liability insurance has gone up]; line 93; Babson- “must be a mistake” radio communication line; expenditures that have not been processed; vehicle purchases $76,000 2 vehicles; cruiser mileage; County purchases vehicles does not lease them; vehicles that have been sold;

50:00 HOC received one vehicle; discussion- next meeting date; DISPATCH BUDGET overtime line; special dispatch line; education and conferences;

55:00 Dispatches Union; Union Negotiation raises and salaries; Union Contract; medical insurance; 2 plans; 9 to 10 employees; signal to double; new equipment; [97] based on grant; 4 communication consoles; Oak Hill Tower; generator; installation cost of generator;

1:00:00 Removal of Uniform expense; uniform / education conference line; removal of meals;

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