Carroll County Sheriff Subcommittee Meeting | February 17, 2014

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Delegation Subcommittee 2/17/14. The Committee was formed for review of the Carroll County Sheriff and Dispatch Department Budgets.

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00:01 Attendance: [Representative Karel Crawford];[Representative Donald Wright];[Commissioner David Babson];[Commissioner David Sorensen];[Carroll County Sheriff Domenic Richardi];[Ed Comeau]; Line [0037]: Dues and subscriptions; wages; Union negotiations; expiring contracts; three different Union Contracts; 40 Cent raise Non Union employees; individual insurance plans; [0093]; 20,000 difference; liability insurance; primex; [0045] Deputy expenses; transport meals; meals during training; out of state transports; iAD transports; credit cards; special details; grant salaries;

10:00 Special details; Albany; commercial details; speed grant; sobriety checkpoint grant; drug task force; salaries, personal days; personal time; personal preference; medical insurance; retirement;

16:02 Commissioners Babson and Sorensen leave meeting probation; longevity pay; education and conferences; [0017]; academy training;

20:00 CEUs’; Out of state conferences; National Sheriff Conferences; uniforms (contract item); 5 new computers; radio communication [0069]; dispatch grant; portable radio’s; ($3,200); new vehicle purchases; K9 unit vehicle; Earn Automotive; 2014 vehicles; saving 2-3%;

30:00 Ordering new vehicles; new equipment; vehicle equipment; 2 mobile radios [0069]; monitors and workstations; consoles; wiring brackets; 3 radar unit 1/2 grant NH department of Safety; i.T. budget; Commissioners budget; [Wright] significant increase in budget; Deputy salary increases; $40,000 in overtime; history of vacancies;

40:00 Overtime; grant salaries; education and conferences; other fees and services; contracts; Union negotiation attorney costs; [Crawford] where to cut budget?; reducing overtime; part time Deputy use; administrative salaries; Chief Deputy; Lt. Santuccio; Teresa Shackford; 2nd secretary- Union; Civil office; Civil processes; vehicle expenses; number of vehicles; transport van; spare cruiser; total-15; 2 Hummers; 50 caliber mount;

50:00 Emergency communication trailer; maintenance of Hummers; Deputies bringing vehicles home versus leaving vehicles at complex; iEA hospital transports; on call deputies; 13 cruisers; 1 spare; 1 transport van; [Wright] proposal to cut one vehicle; scheduled rotation of equipment; [Richardi] proposal of 2nd spare vehicle unmarked; vehicle maintenance; fuel; bringing cruisers home;

1:00:00 Dispatch Services budget; salaries; personal days; covered under contract; medical insurance; change in plans; marriage status; 11 dispatchers- Union; differential pay; special dispatchers; overtime; new equipment; TriTec recording system (record keeping); creating a County HUB; record checks; live reporting; Moultonboro; Conway; Wolfeboro; civil warrants; in house warrants;

1:10:00 Live monitoring of chases; $900,000 special meeting- Concord; 17 applications; Homeland Security grant application; reviewing Homeland Security Grant; medical insurance; Commissioners budget versus Delegation budget numbers; dispatch budget number; dispatch grant funds; Milton fire; discussion- Homeland security grant; replacement of Dispatch consoles grant; consoles $50,000 per console; expenditure versus revenue line regarding grant funding; capital reserve fund; [0005] overtime, [0017]; revenue [0036]; US Forestry; other income on revenues; detective van; Sheriff Transports juveniles; use of Craigslist; Cruiser sealed bids;

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