Regional Appropriations Meeting | February 21, 2014

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Carroll County Delegation Subcommittee meeting from 2/21/14 regarding the budgets of the following County Departments; Registrar; Cooperative Extension; Attorney/ Medical Referee; Child Advocacy; Farm/ Maintenance; Water; Sewer; and Regional Appropriations. The meeting was held at 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and it began at 11:00 am.

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00:01 [Wendy Scribner] Cooperative Extension budget review; [Susan Ticehurst] Cooperative Extension services successes; [Mark McConkey]; Cooperative Extension use of Old Nursing Home annex; black smithing program; [Steve Schmitt]

05:27 [Elizabeth Kelley] Child Advocacy Center budget review; level funding; [Mark McConkey]; [Susan Ticehurst]; [Steve Schmitt]; number of cases; Conway police referrals;

09:52 [Wendy Scribner]; County Forester; [Mark McConkey]; timber sales; forestry plan; recent logging; firewood program; sustainable cutting; forest improvements; saw logs; firewood; 175 cords; long term short term; species of wood available; 890 acres; water; wastewater; wetlands; acres for firewood- 700 acres aprox; generating revenues; focusing on high quality saw logs; species mix; 10 years forest management plan; forest inventory process; 14 acre marking for cutting; trees blocking communication tower; Contract with Day, Logging; Peter Paul forest management plan; forest inventory information; process of completing a forest inventory; [Susan Ticehurst];

21:20 [Anne Aiton]; Registrar of Deeds budget review; increase in wages; [Mark McConkey]; Union and Non Union; Union contracts; fairness in wages; drop in real estate document filing; budget surpluses; projected and actual expenditures; shelving; book covers; income line; LCHIP; DRA; income projections;

33:00 [Will Dewitt]; Farm Supervisor; review of Farm Budget; [David Babson]; $12,000 addition for used truck; [Mark McConkey]; number of bagged firewood; cordwood; purchased cord wood; cost of installation of water meters; yard truck; used 1 ton dump truck; water and propane metering; meter locations; assigning costs by building; wood cuts; selling green wood; campfire wood; cordwood; income projections; sale of wood; Farm budget presentation to delegation; processing orders for firewood; Tri County Cap Heating wood assistance program orders; wood processor use; culvert an gravel order; encumbering funds in the wood line; using encumbered funds to be paid towards wood processor payments; maintenance income versus farm income; [Susan Ticehurst]; [Steve Schmitt] delegating budget priorities to Farm supervisor versus Commissioners; reasonable management standard; apportionment of time be delineated and explained when doing multiple functions; increasing farm activities; apportioning time over several activities; maintenance vehicles; producing a vehicle inventory; overall equipment inventory; farm business plan; pig program;

1:27:39 Cooperative extension budget review; [Robin Gordin]; document scanners; record vault; Motion to accept the Cooperative Extension approval to the full Delegation; 2nd; unanimous; Medical Referee; Motion to send to Delegation; 2nd; unanimous; Motion to send Attorney budget to Delegation; 2nd; unanimous; Motion to send child advocacy to full Delegation; 2nd; unanimous; Motion to send Sewer budget to full delegation; 2nd; unanimous; Motion to approve 2,000 to Carroll County Transit; 2nd; unanimous; VNA hospice of Carroll County; 2nd; unanimous; Retired Senior Volunteer Program; 2nd; unanimous; Conservation District; 2nd; unanimous; Regional Appropriations total is: $206,425; Motion to send Registrar of Deeds budget to full delegation; 2nd; unanimous;

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