Agenda 21 Video | August 29, 2012

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Video Notes

Here is a good example of the extensive involvement the international agreement known as Agenda 21 has at every level of American Government. In this video the Carroll County Commissioners are signing the, Memorandum of Understanding between the University of New Hampshire Cooperative extension service and the County Government. The Crees system through out the US promotes "Sustainability Principles" which originates from international agreements that the Federal Government has made with the United Nations. The agreements are being implemented through executive orders. The USDA and US forest service is one of many vehicles along with the extension services, that promote county and local governments to adopt Agenda 21. The chairman of this Commission is, David Sorensen, he is the president of the NH Association of counties. This entity is mentioned as one program/ project organization that coordinates Agenda 21 at the county level. See USA Country profile Here: page 108 or 144. The other program mentioned is the Granite State Future agreement, also known as the Sustainable Communities Initiative. This federal program is a 100 million dollar initiative that involves HUD, EPA and the DOT. These federal departments, through executive orders, have been tasked to promote Sustainable programs that support Agenda 21: Another program mentioned in this meeting is Tom Kelly, UNH director of the Office of sustainability programs, The UNH Carsey institute, and NH Listens, all work together with the Federal Government and Non governmental Organizations, the Ford Foundation and many others to promote the principles embodied in Agenda 21:

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