Wakefield Parent Forum Meeting | May 21, 2014

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Wakefield NH School Board PARENT FORUM. The board met at the Paul School Library, 60 Taylor Way and began at 6:00pm. The parent forum was convened by the Board to gather input and exchange information about; Report Card Format; Cafe' Services; High School Choice and The Smarter Balance Assessments;

For information about the Paul School, visit the School Administration Unit, SAU64 website, Click Here

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Competency based report cards; history of use in the Paul School; Student proficiency;


Parents comment on the discontinuation of Honor Rolls; Competency education; Competency based reporting system;


High School options; Rochester area agreements; Governor Wentworth School Board; reason for moving the Wakefield district to Wolfeboro, GWSD; Kingswood regional versus Spaulding High School; Transportation; Course Studies; The lottery system;


Cafe' Services; Cafe' Services School Board committee report; concern over quality of food; concern over waste; accomplishing zero waste;


Smarter Balance Assessments; [Representative Glenn Cordelli]; House Education Committee; Common Core; Federal Government funded Consortiums; PARCC; SBAC; Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium; Smarter Balance Field Testing; Replacement of NCAP Assessments; Massachusetts PARCC Assessments two year delay;


Concerns regarding assessment test questions; Nashua School District; Professional Development day; Nashua Staff opinions regarding the assessment test questions; State Legal requirements for assessment testing;


New Hampshire Legislative responses to Common Core; Smarter Balance Assessments; Skills; Disposition; Parental access to test questions; Londonderry's waiver request; PSAT; SAT; Manchester's waiver request; US department of Education waiver request; Competency Based Assessments; innovative school District assessment testing; [Arne Duncan]; US DOE;


Data Mining; Smarter Balance Assessment; web based testing; sharing student identifiable information with third parties; Google Docs; Google App use; concern regarding privacy; Recommended privacy agreements with Google to secure student information;


Smarter Balance Assessment I.T. Contractor recent security breach; State Databases; Parental review of student information;


Parent questions; is the student information at the Paul School secure; identifiable student information; Following NH RSA's;


Example questions that the Nashua School District had concerns with:


Computer access for testing; Smarter Balance Test Scheduling; Who developed the Smarter Balance Assessment Test;


State of NH requirements when rejecting Common Core Standards; Family Educational Rights Privacy Act; (FERPA laws); Smarter Balanced Assessments; Data mining;


Use of staff to oversight the use of Smarter Balance Assessments; Protecting student privacy;


Concern over the number of assessments; teacher evaluations; Concern over Federal over reach; opting out of assessments; Lack of Parental involvement;


Evaluation of new standards; importance of public communication; fiscal analysis; public hearings;


NH State Board of Education appointed versus elected positions; Oaths of Office; adherence to the State and the United States Constitutions; State Executive Council involvement in NHDOE appointments;


Purpose of Assessments; Teachers; Students; RSA 193: C-6; RSA 193 E-5;


Parental notification when Smarter Balanced Assessments will be taken by students; no option to opt out of assessments;


Smarter Balanced Assessment testing procedure; Student identifying numbers; Common Core aligned testing; developing previous Massachusetts Standards curriculum testing; Compatibility between different standards and the Smarter Balanced Assessments;


Parental concern regarding over testing; using a untested curriculum and assessments; 12 week window set aside for Smarter Balanced Assessments;


Closing remarks regarding the School Board Forum;

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