Carroll County Administration Subcommittee Meeting | January 27, 2014

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Carroll County Delegation Subcommittee review of the following budgets 1/27/14: Commissioners Office; Administration Building; Human Resources; Human Services; Capital Expenditures. The meeting took place at 95 Water Village Rd, County Complex, Ossipee and began at 10:00am.

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05:00 Overtime; auditors; Kathy Armstrong; business office overtime line; projected salary increases; 40 cents per hour; payroll expenses; 1.5% increase; payroll expense versus salary line; 2 business office staff plus minute taker; non union employees; negotiation of 3 union contracts; separate line for minute taker; $130.00 including milage per meeting; other County Comparisons; Commissioners salary; social security; workman’s comp;

10:00 Increase in medical insurance; 6% increase; Medical; Dental; number of eligible employees; AS 400 Server; software; postage costs; annual support; hardware; software support;

15:00 Maintenance contract- AS 400; annual upgrades; payroll; ACS- Xerox; Ossipee Town taxes; 6,750.00 2013; Babson-Q annual report printing invoice; uploading annual report to County website; Tuftonboro Library; governing RSA’s; photo copier;

20:00 Scanner; contract cost; networked device; PDF; property and liability insurance; details of insurance policy; Primex; Unincorporated places expenses; Hals Location; new equipment; age of printer; back up printer; I.T.; Contract with cybertron and Kronos; information technology and computer expense line; definitions;

25:00 Information technology and computer expense line; definitions; I.T. recommendations; $194,000; $17,000; Commissioner I.T. Committee; Sheriff Department Server; new server- Jail; cybertron contract; 5 year I.T. plan;

30:00 Nursing Home I.T. Committee; Ad Hoc user group; training; Lakes Region Community College; “Delegation not happy on the I.T. situation” HR responsibility; upcoming Department head meetings; Cybertron contract expiration; accurate inventory controls; auditing of Cybertron purchases;

35:00 Keeping computer hardware and software updated; productivity; $1000 line for I.T. purchases; I.T. budget line; Treasurer line; special fees and services; Life Safety Fee; Global Harmonization System (GHS); MDS; Click Here to learn more training; labeling; material Data sheets; United Nations; Osha; department of labor; worldwide standard;

40:00 Description of GHS; software program; standardizing MDS; maintenance department of each facility; online web based program; 3,000 cost; County auditors; MVC budget; County Administration budget reports; going out to bid;

45:00 Changing auditing firms; peer review of audit; Auditors reference check; communications with auditing firm; Babson- off site auditing?; Auditing through email; testing; Human Resources; salary line; Commissioners recommendation to move HR to salary; medical insurance;

50:00 Recognition events for employees; moral; turnover rate; $4,000; added legal fees; MVC enterprise fund; HR legal line recommended move to Commissioner legal line; HR fees and services; legal consultations for Commissioners; $5,600; Union negotiations;

55:00 Legal consults; grievances; court; information technology- $16,000; Virtual Town Hall; Kronos licensing; original agreement with Kronos; MVC Kronos scheduler; Administration Building; facilities director;

1:00:00 Reducing electrical expenses; 2013- 38,638; 2014- 6,000 increase; $44,000; Constellation; lighting upgrades; fuel prices; usage; weather; price of propane; $1.09 to $1.90; 1.00 increase in 6 months; heating system controls; night time heating schedule; generator expense; preventative maintenance;

1:05:00 Generator preventative maintenance account; care of grounds; generator service contract; plowing; lawn mowing; Will Dewitt, maintenance; MVC; Jail; Administration building; water pumping; moving all maintenance into one line; care of grounds; trash removal from Admin building; $12,000; septic pumping;

1:10:00 Septic pumping; care of grounds; plowing; replacing outside gas meter; building maintenance and repair; outside contractor repair coordination; equipment repair; boilers; roof top air conditioner repair; 3 ton; number 2 compressor; maintenance labor; water department; not metered- averaging per quarter; 40 cents per 100 gallon;

1:15:00 Installation of water meters; metering of all buildings; DES concern over water usage; cost of water metering installation; 20,000 gallon usage; charges per gallon at complex; water revenues; $59,000 estimate; Jail $10,280; $400 vacuum replacement line;

1:20:00 Human Service; cost of BEAS (Bureau of Elderly and Adult Services) Human Services Department name change; Babson- capping the BEAS hearing; Finance Subcommittee; Representative Ticehurst; presentation of BEAS line; Division 3 Health and Human Services presentation scheduling; discussion of BEAS; aging populations;

1:25:00 Aging population; discussion of BEAS cost projections; $4 million per year for Carroll County; HB 1574 cap setting; all Counties $109 million total; public hearing; adjusted targeted credit; interest expenses;

1:30:00 Principle and interest; [page 18]; waste water; long term debt; capital reserves; Carroll County Convention; performance audit; encumbering funds; [page 20]; secretary expense; dues; meals; travel; meeting expenses; $20,000 encumbered; performance audit 2014;

1:35:00 Discussion of performance audit of Commissioners office; signing contract in leu of Delegation approval; performance audit finalist; performance audit funding; anticipated duration of performance audit; RFP; other audits; completing recommendations;

1:40:00 Additional $7,000 in performance line item; start date; March or April; Fall RFP for next audited area; Capital expenditures; $5,000 safe; Commissioner Kenney; size and cost of safe; fire suppression system; records room vault; off site storage; I.T. Committee involvement in document storage; nursing home safe;

1:45:00 Document safe; reviewing old documents; public non public minute review and release; unsealing minutes; Farm $20,000; plow truck; Will DeWitt; new plow truck costs; $40,000; Sheriff Dispatch Grant; $900,000;

1:50:00 Discussion and handling of the Sheriff Dispatch Grant; public hearing to accept funding; information technology line $30,000; DOC STAR; annual cost and benefits; 6- 7,000 annually; request from subcommittee for more complete information;

1:55:00 Delegation presentation of DOC STAR; BEAS presentation; Cybertron; Nursing Home Annex; Representative Algren; income; County miscellaneous income; refunds; increase in taxes of $3,300,00; extraditions;

2:00:00 Unincorporated places income; Hal’s Location administration income- $3,000 per Commissioner; check signing; borrowing for tax anticipation- 15 million; 2013- 12 million; cash flow; borrowing sooner; low interest rates; proceeds from bonds; Commissioners budget recommendations; $3 million tax increase; budget up $248,000

2:05:00 Union Contracts; BEAS costs; revised numbers from department budgets; preparation of budgets for Delegation review; list of hourly employee rates; health benefits;

2:10:00 Current hourly rates; annotating Union and Non Union employee rates by department by job position; W2; 1099;

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