Carroll County MVC Subcommittee Meeting | August 10, 2015

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Carroll County Delegation subcommittee meeting, 8/10/15. It was formed to review the Mountain View Community (Nursing Home) budget. The meeting was held at 93 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and it began at 2:15 pm.

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Introductions; Ken Robishaud; Paula Coates; Howard Chandler; Lino Avellani; Mark McConkey; David Babson. Also attending: Glenn Cordelli, Steve Brown; Ed Comeau; 1.4% deficit; MQIP funding; revenue and expense ratio;


revenue and expense ratio; Genesis contract update; timeline of Genesis contract; speech therapy; elimination of auto renewal of Genesis contract; pending insurance claims; electrical burnout of humidifier; lightning strike;


Delegation Executive Committee report; TAN; Tax Anticipated Note; Account freeze letter; 200,000 reduction [BEAS];


Ken Robishaud; County Administrator report; department head emergency meetings; budget cuts; 110,000; BEAS; Bureau of Elderly and Adult Services; State continuing budget resolution; MVC receiving only half credit; 200,000 may rise to 350,000;


Howard Chandler; Starting the year off with a cut of 567,000; Boiler repairs; Old Nursing Home Annex;


Mountain View Community Bond expense history; expended bond fund; initial bond authorization amount 23.5 million, paid for New nursing home; Pellet boiler; laundry area; maintenance area; torn down 2 wings; roof repairs; balance left was 1.3 million; Balance was placed in the general fund instead of a "required" separate account as per the Bond agreement; It is not known where the expended funds were spent.

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