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MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to provide the public a window into the local and regional political process by video taping various public meetings and officials during the course of their public duty. GovernmentOversite.com firmly believes this process affords the general public an easier and more convenient access to the proceedings of their local government. It is our intent to ensure all citizens have the ability to monitor government activities. We wish to facilitate the exercising of your inalienable first amendment rights that are protected by the US and NH Constitutions. We will earnestly strive to provide a mechanism for all concerned citizens, newspapers, television, and radio to assert themselves in a government by the people, for the people, and of the people.

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Carroll County Commissioners Meeting | January 22, 2020

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Meeting Notes

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Brookfield Selectmen Meeting

January 21, 2020

START: 18:30 END: 18:50 megi8O4LkAmeThAd67Chuc6uCrLsWoCR


Carroll County Commissioners Meeting

January 15, 2020

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Effingham Selectmen Meeting

January 14, 2020

START: 16:00 END: 17:11 7rltHlpeX6THeFLjubAylto4lKOwRI5R


Ossipee Selectmen Meeting

January 13, 2020

START: 16:15 END: 16:45 pRuphew3Uk4s7u3odoclhlsplnohlNaX


Governor Wentworth Regional School District Meeting

January 13, 2020

START: 19:00 END: 20:30 crujAdIDRuRIdrlstiyIhejuqlTra5wu


Brookfield Selectmen Meeting

January 7, 2020

START: 18:30 END:19:12 1imiP7DonLcrLspePR1pra9reCHAcEQ0