Carroll County Commissioners Meeting | February 12, 2014

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 2/12/14. Commissioners: David Babson, David Sorensen and Asha Kenney collectively administer the business of the County. The Board exercises budgetary control over County operations and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began this meeting at 8:30 am.

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00:01 Review of previous meeting minutes Feb. 5, 2014; Liaison reports; Kenney commissioners council; NH Association of Counties;

05:00 Babson reports on a meeting with a US Marshal regarding Counties accepting Federal inmates; Captain Fowler;

10:00 Babson reports on a meeting with a US Marshal regarding Counties accepting Federal inmates; reimbursement; application; Sorensen reports on a recent I.T. Committee meeting; mission of committee; long range I.T. plan; Lakes Region Training; installing fiber optics between county buildings;

15:00 Wynette Degroot, HR, I.T. training needs; fiber optics intranet; Brewster Academy; John Rich; Cybertron;

20:00 Roger Smith; Strafford County; Sorensen reads note from Hales Location; School Tuition 50,000 per year; Conway School; review of annual reports; Commissioners annual reports; Kenney speaks about an email from Wynette Degroot; re- writing Commissioners annual report; Kenney states that an employee should approach the entire board and not rewrite the annual report after speaking to only one of the Commissioners;

25:00 Kenney states the report is not acceptable; Kenney wants it noted that she does not accept the draft; Motion made to accept the draft with a notation at the end that Kenney does not accept the report; 2nd; Babson- yes, Sorensen- yes, Kenney- no; Cooperative Extension annual report review;

30:00 Cooperative Extension annual report review; HOC annual report; turnover rate of 17; Bid received to print annual report; Minute Man Press;

35:00 Discussion- RFP; poor response to RFP; Fosters; process of advertising Bids/ RFP; Jason Johnson, Jason Henry, HOC, reports on the US Marshal service meeting;

40:00 Jason Johnson, Jason Henry, HOC, reports on the US Marshal service meeting; application processes; Babson reports on his list of questions and answers he received from the US Marshal office meeting; Medical expense reimbursement;

45:00 Medical emergencies; bill reimbursements; copays; specialized diets;

50:00 Number of inmates; Pria Standards; daily rate number requested by Representative Schmitt; Deputy Barry; Vermont rates;

55:00 Photographs regarding murals painted by an inmate; adding photographs and maps to the Delegation Room; Mellisa Seamans positive article regarding the murals and HOC programs; Johnson reports on meals; garden committee; Sgt. Perry; Corp. Loud; Will Dewitt; Grafton seed committee;

1:00:00 Offsetting food costs at Jail; pickled beats; menus for Jail; Rob Horace, Dietary MVC; Read a book program;

1:05:00 Completing application to receive federal inmates; mural; Babson- habitual offenders; inmate brought to hospital; criminal history checks;

1:10:00 Inmate criminal history checks; Sorensen- incarcerated veterans; superintendents affiliate meeting; population report regarding veterans; discussion of offender population and veterans; Cheryl Laurent; list of newspapers that were sent the RFP for the printing of the annual report; Motion to go into non public per RSA 91-a: 3. para. 2 (c), HOC personnel; 2nd; roll call vote;

1:15:00 Non Public minutes, jail portion have been sealed; Representative Ahlgren Letter; RRP Responses; Babson’s email to Rep. Ahlgren; funding cuts to UNH; veterans shelter; Jail; Babson reads email to Representative Ahlgren;

1:20:00 Laundry Hook up for laundry hot water; Department of Agriculture;

1:25:00 Review of Feb. 5, 2014 minutes; Kenney- corrections; Kenney argues with Recording Secretary, Michelle Hamilton, regarding accuracy of minutes; Hamilton clarifies that minutes are not meant to be verbatim; Kenney wants a specific comment regarding the minutes; [page 6];

1:30:00 Kenney wants a specific comment regarding the minutes; [page 6]; attorney appointment; Fryeburg Maine;

1:35:00 Kenney corrections Feb. 5, 2014; minutes tabled; Non Public minute safe; inventory sheet of NP minutes; Motion to go into non public per RSA 91-1: 2 para.1 (b) collective Bargain strategy; 2nd; roll call; [public]--Babson- I.T. Contract discussion;

1:40:00 I.T. Contract discussion; replacement part list; defining replacement parts; Tech Soup; John Rich; Cybertron; Kenney questions the I.T. contract regarding replacement parts;

1:45:00 Replacement parts; Rep. Cordelli; Government Connections; auto parts; Sheriff vehicle purchases; Spyglass Corp; Mr. Fisher; Spyglass Corp agreement;

1:50:00 Spyglass Corp contract; details of agreement; Bayring Telecommunications; safe lock; transferring contents from one safe to another; Docstar; Motion to accept the Bid from Minute Man press to print annual report; John Rich; Cybertron explains the billing to the County for I.T. Services;

1:55:00 John Rich; Cybertron explains the billing to the County for I.T. Services; software contracts; internet monitoring; new computers; nursing home internet monitoring; new servers; spam filtering; anti virus software; Paula Coates;

2:00:00 Patient software package; net solutions; Cloud subscription services; Barracuda backup; Hales location elementary school tuition;

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