Carroll County Commissioners Meeting | March 5, 2014

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 3/5/14. Commissioners: David Babson, David Sorensen and Asha Kenney collectively administer the business of the County. The Board exercises budgetary control over County operations and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began this meeting at 8:30 am.

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Encrypted analysis: 3HwvvcvIiZXCnJwmJqVZ87mpGzrSzVI5


Review of previous meeting minutes; Feb. 19, 2014; corrections; [David Sorensen]; [David Babson; [Michelle Hamilton]; Motion to accept with corrections; 2nd; unanimous; Hals Location online tax information; $700;


Hals Location online tax information; $750; [David Babson] reports on the Farm Day committee meeting; [David Sorensen]; Delegation subcommittee regarding the Administration building; [David Babson] requests that if the delegation makes a cut they should be obligated to tell the commissioners where and why; [David Sorensen]; discussion regarding work session items; Time Warner phone representative; County financial audit;


K9 program update and report; [Dominic Richardi]; K9- "Edge" health status (Dog has cancer); new K9- "chaos"; Deputy Stevens; [David Babson]; [David Sorensen]; Portsmouth training facility; process of spaying; transferring equipment to new K9 vehicle; K9 vehicle use and milage; drug detection and tracking; Sheriff desk phone quantities; Spare cruiser status; Prisoner transport from Philadelphia; Delegation subcommittee scheduling;


Registrar of Deeds Wooden index stands; [David Sorensen]; [David Babson]; Commissioners discuss the RSA's governing the Registrar; [Anne Aiton]; moving wooden index stands; [Asha Kenney]; disposal of County property; [Mr. Farr]; motion to remove the wooden index stands to Nursing Home Annex and then sell or dispose; 2nd; unanimous; water mark being added to the Deed documents; relevant State statutes; [Gene Chandler];


Water mark being added to the Deed documents; relevant State statutes; [Gene Chandler]; [David Sorensen]; [Dave Babson]; [Anne Aiton]; Registrar of Deeds;


Water mark being added to the Deed documents; relevant State statutes; [Gene Chandler]; [David Sorensen]; [Dave Babson]; [Anne Aiton]; Registrar of Deeds; copies of conveyance for tax purposes; discussion of details and interpretation of relevant RSA; requirements within statute; Carroll County Registrar of Deeds not online; Registry revenue related to public copies; public copy cost per page; $105,000 of revenue generated by copies; requested number of Registrar hard line telephones;


Mountain View Community, (MVC) Administrator, [Howard Chandler]; telephone inventory; [David] Sorenson]; [David Babson]; increasing Medicare census 10%; short term hospice; respite services; announcement that USNEWS and World Reports has MVC listed as one of the top 20 Nursing Homes in the USA; greater Ossipee Chamber of Commerce; auditing 2013; [Robin Grille]; cost report preparation; [Ron Bolio]; Nursing Home as an enterprise fund; importance of generating more revenue; report that MVC is $200,000 away from breaking even; Nursing Home 5 year plan; cost savings on the medical side; Capital reserve funds; [David Babson]; ash remover failure; boiler preventative maintenance; laundry hot water hookup; water/ propane metering; MVC; Old Nursing Home Annex; grounds keeping budgeting; [Will DeWitt];


House of Corrections; [Jason Johnson]; [Henry Johnson]; Jail phone system RFP's; Secures; relative FCC ruling; [David Babson]; mobile kiosks; video visitation; electronic medical records; Transporting offenders versus video conferencing; review of Jail telephone RFP's; reason for Jail phone system change; [Asha Kenney]; security camera budget line item;


[Will DeWitt], County Farm Supervisor reports; requested phone inventory; [David Babson]; [David Sorensen]; pole barn update; [Wynette Degroot]; pole barn RFP; water metering; no water meter at the nursing home; water rate analysis; enterprise fund use; [David Babson]; charging area fire departments for water; installation cost of water metering; RFP's; review of delegation requests related to the farm budget;


[Will DeWitt], County Farm Supervisor reports; farm activity report; blueberries; Haying; wood production; forest management plan; cordwood; campfire wood program; state camp grounds; inmate use breakdown- "need of recording secretary"; [David Babson]; David Sorensen]; lawn mowing; bailing hay; wood delivery; maple tree tapping; Delegation list of vehicle inventory; fuel costs;


[Wynette DeGroot]; cell phone policy update; [David Sorensen]; private versus County use; discussion of cell phone use and policy; [David Babson]; MVC cell phone use; [Howard Chandler];


Motion made to go into non public per 91-A:3 Nonpublic Sessions. II. Only the following matters shall be considered or acted upon in nonpublic session: (c) Matters which, if discussed in public, would likely affect adversely the reputation of any person, other than a member of the public body itself, unless such person requests an open meeting. This exemption shall extend to any application for assistance or tax abatement or waiver of a fee, fine, or other levy, if based on inability to pay or poverty of the applicant; 2nd; Roll Call Vote.


Work Session; [David Babson]; [David Sorensen]; letters of engagement; Mr. Bolio; auditing 2011; illness- [Mr. Lyford]; [Mr. Bolio]; requests $15,000 to audit 2012; Medicaid/ Medicare reimbursements; March 30th deadline; engagement letter 2012; cost comparison per audit year; [Asha Kenney]; how was Lyford selected; change in law; audit of financial statements versus full financial auditing; Motion to agree to new auditing contract; (financial statements);


Hales Location budget; [David Sorensen]; $338,203- 2014; approval; school Tuition; Kennet School system $37,200 per student; Fryburg academy; transportation; Babson reports that Kennet HighSchool tuition has been raised to $55,000; Motion to accept Hales location budget and send budget to County Delegation; 2nd; unanimous;


Meeting with Time Warner; [David Babson]; phone services; average propane costs projections; August pre buy; [David Babson] to [Asha Kenney] cell phone bills not being signed; [Sargent Baker] regarding relius learning training program; NH Contracts; new Law Enforcement Library; [Asha Kenney]; inaccurate reporting of cost of Relius contract; printing of annual reports;


Public Comment; [Mellisa Seamans]; Carroll County Independent; Non public minute file safe (shared keys); process of reviewing NP minutes; [Asha Kenney]; relative RSA's controlling access of NP minutes; [David Sorensen]; inmate time management; [Dave Babson]; boiling pig swill?; [Will DeWitt] pig program; [Mark McConkey]; Babson: "Mr. McConkey has been told, I don't know how many times, that Will does it on his own time, after hours, if Mr. McConkey was paying attention he'd know that they are not boiling any swill anyway and haven't been for the last 25 years and Will is doing it on his own and he gets the food downtown and he brings it up and feeds the pigs..."; Ossipee water bill; drainage parcel abatement; process of County paying taxes to towns; free meal eligibility policy?; County dental insurance coverage; 91a lawsuit coverage- 3-5 million dollars; [Asha Kenney]; County elections;

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