Carroll County Commissioners Meeting | October 8, 2014

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Meeting Notes

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Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 10/8/14. Commissioners: David Babson, David Sorensen and Asha Kenney collectively administer the business of the County. The Board exercises budgetary control over County operations and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began this meeting at 8:30 am.

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Encrypted analysis: V36ujKAEaaxb5Tvu5WygEVe52fmHr7Rj


Agenda review; Correspondence: letter from Sandra Brocarr; Old Nursing Home Annex Commercial Kitchen use; Food production;


10/1/14 meeting minute review; Corrections;


North County Scenic Byway program; River Heritage Scenic byway corridor;


Will DeWitt, Farm Supervisor's report; green truck disposition; Junk versus selling parts; hoop house assembly; electrical ; ground water testing; NHDES pharmaceutical drug water testing; building metering; propane; campfire wood processing totals; cordwood orders; cemetery mowing; existing broken headstone; cemetery line item for maintenance;


Will DeWitt, Farm Supervisor's report; line item fund transfer request; overspent line item; sand and salt;


Motion to transfer: [Babson]; $1,489.50 4193.075 to .073; Second [Sorensen]; Vote: Babson- aye; Sorensen- aye;


Will Dewitt, Farm Supervisor; pole barn bid requests; adding addition to pig barn; presentation of plan; Concrete; winter wood processing;


[Babson]; removal of pig enclosures; two 60 watt bulbs; fresh pork; loss of revenue from pig production; bids; trusses; Motion [Sorensen]; approval of expansion plan for piggery barn; bids for concrete and roof trusses; second [Babson] Vote: Sorensen- aye; Babson- aye;


Bob Murray, Mountain View Community facility manager, report; [Probation space Old Nursing Home Annex] bids from Parsonage Millwork; Excel construction; telephone data wiring; Motion [Babson] to accept Parsonage Millwork; $58,375.00 bid to renovate old nursing home area for probation when leases can be approved; Second [Sorensen]; Vote: Babson- aye; Sorensen- aye;

Executive Council of lease approvals; State involvement; Lease calculations;


Bob Murray, MVC: Old Nursing Home Annex demolition update;


Howard Chandler, MVC Administrator's report; resident population totals; special request corrections project support; report of tripping hazard event; security camera budget item discussion; bidding; new director of nursing; discussion of fall events; resident events; discussion: Howard Chandler's evaluation; discussion of Non Public agenda items;


Jason Henry, HOC Superintendent; Jail roof bids; BlueStone incorporated; Prime Roofing- [11,452.00], Blue Stone Inc- [174,900]; discussion of bid details;


Motion [Babson] to accept Prime Roofing bid of 11,452.00; Second [Sorensen]; Vote: Babson- aye; Sorensen- aye; Total in settlement account $35,970; Rockingham Female offenders; US Marshals/ Carroll County Correction plan to receive Federal prisoners;


Motion [Babson] to go into Non Public per 91- A3, para 2, a, c, Dismissal, promotion or compensation; Second [Sorensen]; Roll call: Babson- aye, Sorensen- aye;


Commission returns to public; Announcement of sealed minutes; Termination of a corrections officer; compensation to employees required by law to be filled;


Work session; Nepotism Policy;


Commissioner Babson requests that Ed Comeau of provide NH Case law regarding the video recording of public officials before and after meetings officially begin and end;


Grant review of Sheriff's Homeland Security Grant regarding communications; Grant regarding radar detectors; time constraints; data collection;


Review of meeting minute review; Ossipee Rotary- Trail discussion; Results of financials from 2010; Kathy Garry; 2010 audit;


Performance Action list; Reviewing 2014 bank account records [August]; Pole barn insurance settlement; $10,000; depreciation funding- $3,000; 2013 audit bid requests; Non Public meeting minute approvals; Non Public safe operations;


Public comment; Steve Brown- probation bids; Parsonage Millwork; Excel bid for Jail Roof; Ed Comeau- Additional ground water testing; Authorization to use funds from settlement account to repair jail roof; [$11,452]; Delegation approval?;


Ed Comeau/ Dave Babson- Recording in public; requested case law;


Non public RSA 91- A, para 3, (a) personell, dismissal promotion or compensation; 2- (c) Roll Call Vote: Babson- aye; Sorensen- aye; proposal that a section of 91- A be add a penalty for releasing non public information;


Return from Non Public; Report that Non Public minutes were sealed;

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