Carroll County Commissioners Meeting | June 6, 2018

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Meeting Notes

Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 6/6/18. The commissioners: Amanda Bevard, David L. Babson, and Mark Hounsell, collectively exercises budgetary and operational control over county government and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began this meeting at 8:30 am.

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Encrypted analysis: 2lFr8CH1swApudldedrIcRUflsis428r


Call to order: 8:30 am; Commissioners: David Babson; Amanda Bevard; Mark Hounsell;

Ken Robichaud: County Administrator; Admin. assistant: Cheryle Laurent;


Pledge of Allegiance:


MOTION: M-Babson Approve Minutes of May 30th, 2018 2nd-Hounsell-corrections-Babson regarding hay field leasing language: He is concerned that the minutes may give the impression that the Commission IS leasing to those that attended the meeting to discuss leasing options.
Hounsell- Bevard: proposes an amendment to clarify LEASE to VARIOUS LEASING OPTIONS. 2nd-Babson-amendment V-3-0


PUBLIC INPUT: No public rises to comment.


Commissioner Hounsell makes request to the chair to make a member comment regarding the next agenda item: The MOU related to acquiring a Jail K-9.


MOU for Jail K9; Jail Superintendent, Jason Henry and Sergeant Corliss give back ground on the proposal for the use of a K-9 within the jail:


Jail Superintendent, Jason Henry reads the MOU into the record; The commission interjects changes as the MOU language is read aloud.


County Attorney, Michaela Andruzzi, Line Item Transfer discussion: $6,000.00 for a criminal case;


MOTION: M-Hounsell To approve the transfer of $6,000.00 from the medical insurance line: to the criminal case expense 2nd-Bevard-discussion Babson believes the whole thing should be discussed:


MOTION: M-Hounsell To approve the transfer of $6,000.00 from the medical insurance line: to the criminal case expense 2nd-Bevard-discussion Babson believes the whole thing should be discussed: V3-0


County Attorney, Michaela Andruzzi, Line Item Transfer discussion: $6,000.00 for a criminal case;


PRESS QUESTION: Daymond Steer Conway Daily Sun; Delegation meetings related to supplemental budgets criminal case line item funding;


Commission discusses the 2017 annual report document;


Commissioner Babson comments about the annual report language: "I have a problem with the paragraph about the commission acknowledging the work and commitment of the county delegation made in support of county government by appropriating money necessary to complete many responsibilities of county government. Their attention to their responsibilities is much appreciated. As we go to work short of an assistant, down to two people to maintain 900 acres here..I don't want to start a fight here, but, that's not what I'd put in there, I would leave that out."


Commissioner Hounsell responds to Babson's comment:


Joe Costello, County Treasurer comments on the annual report: Fund balance reporting; tax levels; Tax Anticipation Note (TAN) versus line of credit; Revenue Anticipation Notes: (RAN);


COMMISSION CONTINUES ANNUAL REPORT DISCUSSION: future business leaders; County Lands Committee; Hiring policies; assuring County Lands Committee submission to the report;


Jail Superintendent, Jason Henry and Sergeant Corliss return with the MOU: Jail K-9 language corrections.


MOTION: M-Hounsell To sign the memorandum of understanding between the Carroll County Department of corrections and Justin Corliss for the purpose of a drug sniffing dog 2nd-Babson-


Discussion continues regarding the K-9;


Head Start Annex Lease: Karen Thomas, assistant director, Carroll County Head Start; Nancy Martin, site supervisor for the Ossipee site.


Bereavement Policy discussion:


MOTION: M-Babson To approve the bereavement policy...with the addition of that they retain their job when they come back, after the 6 months...retainment of employment. 2nd-Hounsell-discussion Hounsell requests that the commission hold off on the vote until the cleaned up version is resubmitted to them. Babson withdraws his motion


Travel policy review:


Sheriff department: Timber cut related to the communication tower grant upgrade;


MOTION: M-Babson To bypass any form of bidding procedure and for the reasons expressed by Wendy Scribner..small area..small jobs..that are to costly for anybody to move their equipment..we need a skidder and a cable rather then a..cut the lengths..rig that costs thousands of dollars..I think we should just..and she is a remarkable forester..and what ever she says I'll go along with it... 2nd-Hounsell-amends To suspend the policy on the bid process...babson adds..for the reasons Wendy has stated in her JUNE 4th letter.


MOTION: M-Babson To award the logging the Sheriff's tower..William Dunn of North Sandwich for and tree removal agreement...with Mr. Dunn paying the timber tax..from the Town of Ossipee. 2nd-Hounsell-discussion States he will not vote for it, because the county policy states the commission shall only sign with the presence of an agreement. M-Hounsell To table this DRAFT agreement. 2nd-Babson [VNo vote taken](()


MOTION: M-Hounsell RSA 91-A:3 Paragraph II (c) Matters which, if discussed in public, would likely affect adversely the reputation of any person, other than a member of the body or agency itself. 2nd-Babson VRoll-call-Babson-Y-Bevard-Y-Hounsell-Y


Hales Location Checks & Documents:


MOTION: M-Hounsell To approve the payment of $1,000.00 to Kathleen Golden for her work for Hales Location: 2nd-Babson-discussion Previous check discussion in the amount of $1,300.00? V3-0


Mile reimbursement checks: 5 checks, two are not related to the use of the county shared vehicle, because the car was not available; 3 employees did not check if the car was available. [reference new county vehicle policy use]


ADMINISTRATOR UPDATES: None; COMMISSIONERS UPDATE: Retired and Senior Volunteer Program: (RSVP) invitations: June 14, 2018.


COMMISSIONERS UPDATE: Lands committee report: Carroll County Lands Advisory Committee: (CCLAC); Conservation easement proposal; Horse barns; greenhouses; trails; extending water supplies; pumpkin patch report;


COMMISSIONERS UPDATE: Memorial Hospital adult day care center opening; importance of a assisted living feasibility study;


MOTION: M-Bevard To adjourn 2nd-Hounsell V3-0

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