Carroll County Commissioners Meeting | August 14, 2019

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Meeting Notes

The Commissioners: Amanda Bevard, David L. Babson, Terry McCarthy, The board collectively exercises budgetary and operational control over county government and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and this meeting began at 8:30 am, then recessed. Meeting then moved to Hales Location Association meeting located at the White Mountain Resort and Hotel at 2:00 pm.

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MOTION: Babson, to approve the 8/7/19 meeting minutes.

SECOND: Bevard; date corrected from 8/8/19 to 8/7/19

VOTE: McCarthy ABSE; Bevard Y; Babson Y;


CHECK MANIFEST TOTALS: Main Server malfunction;


DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS: Dewitt; hay totals: 7,170 bales; last year: 7,243; hay production; inmate use; high school student use; age restrictions; mowing; landscaping; water sewer issues; hay sales totals; wood sales; hay wagon repairs; hay baler repairs; drive shaft; auger wear; hay field milkweed; hay sales; barn storage; hay deliveries; hiring hay laborers; County Delegation approval;


CREDIT CARD POLICY; Pay and chase; travel; conference fees; training; credit card control mechanism; issuing cards; authorization; food; additional controls; personal purchases; reimbursable meals; meals while traveling; credit card incentive programs; revocation of cards; failure to submit receipts; handling lost receipts; late fees; card use random audits; prudential affairs; separation of powers; administrative regulation agreement signature form;


MEALS WHILE TRAVELING POLCY: State regulation; federal regulation; $50.00 per day; meal expenses; tips; air travel; first then last day of travel rules; expense reporting; single day travel; conference registration fees;


2nd QUARTER EXPENSES: Life safety fees double payment; upcoming line item transfers; annual revised budget; encumbrances; County Attorney: dues licenses subscriptions; co-file bill; registrar of deeds; book restoration; archival restoration project; Sheriff: social security; budget mis-calculation; group 1; group 2; dispatch overtime transfer request; education conferences; radio communication expenses; hay wagons: new equipment; nursing agency services; firearm training; ammunition; maintenance building repair; leaking jail roof; female unit; ceiling tiles; business office evaporator condensation leak; acoustic tiles; mold; mildew; health concerns; interests expenses; SRF water systems; loan paid off; County Convention; County Convention secretary salary; independent contractor; County Delegation at 48%; budget timeline goals; Delegation budget timeline goals; overall budget completion timeline; capital: Sheriff; new vehicles; boiler repair; electric water heater; grant line; MVC- nursing home; overtime transfer-3rd quarter review; nursing department transfers; janitor carts; occupational therapy;


2nd QUARTER REVENUES: Costello; journal entries not completed; comptroller vacation;


JAIL SUPERINTENDENT UPDATE: Henry: Rockingham County training; addiction education; medical assisted treatment; Dr. Charles Thomas Brophy; (MAT); addiction forums; MAT treatment facilities; Philadelphia Pennsylvania; frontal cortex; success rates; need for transitional housing; drug czar; funding; video presentation; SUICIDE WATCHES: correction protocols; tracking rounds; accountability; Commissioner jail inspection; processing area; surveillance cameras; physical inmate checks; Jail internal monitoring; restraint chair; paper (blue suit); safety blankets; mental health evaluation;


YELLOW FOLDER: signatures; Treasurer; nursing home checks; credit card log form proposal; SHERIFF: COMMUNICATION TOWER PROJECT: Madison tower presentation; presented drawings: $4,200.00; tower height; North Wakefield Hill;


TREASURERS UPDATE: Short term CPA; Meredith; North Conway; Delegation Chair meeting; Wakefield Republican Caucus; audit completion timelines; budget process; accounting process; MRI; business office cross training; comptroller assistant; 2018 audit completion timeline; closure of books; check book balancing not being accomplished; SB101 audit completion by 120 days after close of fiscal year;



Babson, to move into a non public session #1 and #2 per RSA 91-A 3 II (b)

Babson, to move into non public session #3: RSA 91-a:3 II (c)

SECOND: Bevard

VOTE: ROLL CALL: McCarthy ABSE; Bevard Y; Babson Y;


MOTION: Bevard, to come out of non public and seal session #3;

SECOND: Babson.

VOTE: McCarthy ABSE; Bevard Y; Babson Y; 2/3 vote requirement to seal met.

Note: Sessions #1 #2: HIRING: corrections officer; 32 hour LNA;


MOTION: Bevard, to recess to the Hales Location Association meeting; White Mountain Resort and Hotel; 2:00 pm. Recess time 10:39 pm

SECOND: Babson

VOTE: McCarthy ABSE; Bevard Y; Babson Y;


HALES LOCATION ASSOCIATION: NOTE: PILT FUNDING= Payment in lieu of Taxes (PILT); public input: handling Hales Location PILT funds; letter from Hales to Commissioners; US Department of Interior; 1999; 2018: $3,500.00 line item; 2019 $4,600.00; DRA approval;; Conway funds; 1,200 acres; Coos County unincorporated towns; Commission as Hales Location Selectmen; Fire; Rescue; $46,000.00 credit for taxes; Gary Sullivan; PILT application process; Gary Sullivan; Department of Interior PILT funds process; 2003; commission position: $46,000.00; federal and state outlays; statutory rules; per acreage; dispersement authority; application timeline process;


COMMISSION WEBSITE: budgets; 2016 budget details; emergency management budget line; Hales Location budget access;


HALES LOCATION SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT REPORT: Babson: Fryeburg Academy; Board of Education funding; PILT program application process; PILT program detailed program description; credit against taxes; NH versus other states process;


HALES ADMINISTRATOR REPLACEMENT: Delegation budget cuts; Hales Location Association staffing; PILT funding; PILT application process; Hales Location taxpayers;




MOTION: Babson, to adjourn commission meeting. 3:20 pm

SECOND: Bevard

VOTE: McCarthy ABSE; Bevard Y; Babson Y;

Babson opines: Re: Carroll County Independent newspaper subscription rerouted to Russia.

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