Carroll County Delegation Meeting | December 10, 2012

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Delegation meeting from 12/10/12. 00:21 -Introductions of the newly elected house representatives. Selection of Delegation Chair, Vice Chair, Clerk. 10:32 -Jack Widmere, Treasurer, borrows, 14 Million. 13:11 -into Convention, 14:06 -Jack Rose, Blue Loon Bus, request for endorsement of and 2,000 dollars. 20:14 -Dorothy Solomon speaks about using the Old Nursing Home as homeless shelter. 46:16 -into convention, Approval of previous minutes, 47:06 -Presentation of Budget, David Sorensen, Carroll County Commissioner Chair, Dispatch, 59:38 -Jail perimeter fence, 1:03:20 -David Sorensen, Budget line by line, Please refer to Carroll County Proposed Budget, 2:08:50 -Subcommittee Assignments, 2:26:29 -Delegation note of Appreciation to Commissioner Dorothy Solomon. 2:22:08 -David Babson, Public Comment.

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