Government Exposé Video | May 25, 2011

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Video Notes

During a Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting at 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee, NH on 5/25/2011, Ed Comeau of and Daymond steer of the Conway Daily Sun, question the County Sheriff, Chris Conley on the constitutionality of sobriety check points in New Hampshire. The execution of sobriety check points begin at the town Police Chief level, where funding is requested from the County Sheriff. The money must be authorized by the County Commissioners. The application to legally create a check point must be then sent to the superior court judge of the district where the check point will occur. Law enforcement must prove the check point is "Warranted" by showing data collected about area Drunk driving stats. Opponents to the check points claim the check points do not reduce drunk driving and that the 4th amendent of the constitution is circumvented and that innocent people who have not committed a crime are being illegally detained.

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