Brookfield Planning Meeting | August 26, 2013

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Brookfield New Hampshire Planning Board meeting from 8/28/13. The board meets at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd and this meeting began at 6:35 pm.

00:03 Call to order; announcement correspondence; Strafford Regional Planning Commission letter;

02:21 Review of previous meeting minutes; corrections; Response letter to SRPC;

07:18 Mail and correspondence; 2013 municipal law series lecture announcement;

10:30 Discussion of Capital Improvement Program (CIP); CiP working document; town cemeteries; selectmen establishing a building committee; discussion of reaffirming the Road Committee; general maintenance of Town Office Building; sand and salt barn; town utility buildings; forestry truck; road agent equipment storage; Churchill Schoolhouse.

21:18 Definitions- useful life; gross expenditures; 3 years/ 5,000; discussion of project cost projections; technology upgrades and maintenance;

27:43 Churchill Schoolhouse; Town House; discussion of town building conditions; plaster conditions in townhouse; parks and recreation fund; implementation programs; town cemetery; Town House roof;

30:02 Other implementation programs; Master Plan Policies; supporting growth management;

34:47 'other' category; foot bridge at Sanborn Rd; dry hydrants; testing hydrants; map of hydrant locations; culverts; street signs; flag pole; radio tower; septic system; driveways; parking lot;

52:11 Discussion of Wolfeboro Art Center concrete slab; cracking; Brookfield historic artifacts;

54:25 Dick Peckham gives background on 'The Brookfield Cane'; pewter flasks;

55:50 Chairman Geary tells story of the Brookfield time capsule; history and use of forest truck;

1:01:44 Cemeteries; tax deeded properties; Whelton Subdivision lots; Geary Ciccarone tells story about the cemetery plots on his property; culverts in driveway access points;

1:06:27 Historic document restoration as assets; discussion of town vault; acceptance of working CIP document;

1:10:03 Rob Collins- discussion of Town House restoration; plaster; age of building; plaster restoration; condition of plaster; restoration of historic buildings; Discussion of Wolfeboro Town Hall; historic values;

1:13:40 Time line and process of restoring/ maintaining Brookfield Town House; comparison with Churchill School House restoration; Heritage Commission grant, Salmon Falls Architectural condition report; building committees; cost analysis;

1:20:04 Report on School House crawlspace and foundation; insulation; excavating crawlspace; using County Jail inmates to excavating; County wood processing by inmates;

1:24:05 Items found in crawlspace of Churchill Schoolhouse; discussion of restoration costs- Town House ;discussion- plastering technics and installation; plaster restoration technics; 1:29:57 Discussion- cost of plaster historic restoration; stenciling;

1:36:48 Who has the town Cane; zoning amendments; attorney review of Zoning.

1:41:25 Discussion- ballots; Brookfield voting process;

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