Lakes Region Planning Commission Meeting | January 8, 2014

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the NH Lakes Region Planning Commission Executive Board meeting from 1/8/14. The LRPC Executive meeting took place at the Huminston Building, 103 Main St, Meredith and it began at 9:00 am. Click Here to visit the LRPC website

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00:01 Gilford NH; Commission Meeting; Kimon Koulet retirement dinner; Each Exe board member introduces themselves to the New Executive Director Jeffery Hayes; Steve Favorite- FEMA; Bristol NH Planning board; mitigation plans; LRPC being attacked; sales background; taking a stand; Making better communities; branding the Regional Planning Commissions;

05:00 Jean Marshall- Freedom NH; Massachusetts; British Planning Law; Court case decision general public good; Commissioners attendance at meetings; educating selectmen; attended MIT;

10:00 Rode Island; Hasbro; economic development of Rode Island; Brown University; City Planning; anthropology; cultural understanding; Jordan; planning board member; Tamworth economic development; Mount Washington Valley economic development; encouraging more commissioners involvement; Barbara Perry; Massachusetts; Moultonboro; treasurer; Dean Anson- Laconia; Conservation; Environmental Focus;

15:00 Dean Anson- Laconia; Conservation; New Jersey; Long Island; Chairman Laconia Conservation Commission; Belknap County Conservation District; Lake Winnipesaukee Watershed Association; water quality; important connection of water quality to land use; environmental business; Brownfield assignments; NH Protection of NH Forests; assessment of conservation land; Lands that should be conserved; Gilmanton; Gilford; Meredith; New Hampton and Laconia; [Spiniff]; Belknap Conservation District; conservation easements; recognizing the accomplishments of Planning Commission; Marketing the Lakes Region Planning Commission; John Cotton- Geologists; USGS; NHDES; Andover Ambulance EMT instructor;

20:00 Treasurer East Hanover Fire Department; Boy Scouts; Groundwater exploration and management; Glacial Geology; [known as cookie monster]; Jeff Hayes- gives his background; NH Native; North Country; Washington Valley; Natural Resource Economics; Regional Planning; UNH; Bartlett; graduate school U-MASS Amherst; APA planning program; New England; U- Michigan; Vermont EDA district; NH Regional Planning;

25:00 Johnson Vermont; North Country Council; Thesis work on Sustainable Development; using economic development as economic progress that can include environmental quality; Northern Forest Sustainable Economy Initiative; Northern Forest Land study; Northern Border Commission; Moving Lakes RPC Agenda; Commissioner credibility; importance of communicating effectively; staff professionalism; Regional Planning Commissions credibility versus Distractors credibility;

30:00 Sending letter to staff; commendations; concern that the commission should not recognize individual staff members; drafting a general letter; recognition from board as a whole; listing accomplishments; discussion of letter;

35:00 Discussion of recognizing staff members; NH public Deposit Investment Pool Click here to visit requiring two signatures; withdrawal of fund; NHPDIP; Meredith Savings Bank; CD’s; Money Market; interest rates; generating income;

40:00 Discussion of NHPDIP; Security of State Pool; CD’s; FDIC; security; availability of funds; Jeff Hayes- Executive Directors recommendations after review; moving funds; flexibility of transfers; political implementation of use of State Fund NHPDIP; two written approvals prior to withdrawal from investment pool; transparency fixed to executive board officers; long term short term transfers;

45:00 Executive Board authority over moving funds; adding more layers of security; financial control polices; Federal Government electronic signature verification; 3, 4, 7, 12 million Dollars; saving time using electronic signature verification; Motion to add Chairman, Vice Chairman; Secretary and Treasurer and signatories; 2nd; Vote Passes; creating new signature cards; Meredith Village Savings Bank; Motion that 4 officers can access Meredith Savings account; 2nd discussion; updating Bylaws and procedures;

50:00 Executive director signing checks; signature card completion; board financial procedures; financial auditors; discussion of process; bylaw review; 8.7 Duty of executive board; signing contracts in the names of the Commission; Revision Sept. 08; transferring from fund to fund; discussion of financial procedures;

55:00 Conducting Audits; past presentations; Adding Jeff Hayes as signatory; Motion to- Memorandum general finance procedures; 8.9 bylaw; audited statements; time lines; authority of Exe Board to accept auditor contract; Section A;

1:00:00 Discussion- Kimon Koulet to change the bylaws; Standing rules; financial procedures; Motion to add secretary to authorization for dispersal of funds 4 officers plus Executive Director; 2nd; passes unanimously; SUBCOMMITTEE REPORTS advisory committee; meeting date 22nd of January; transportation workshop draft of Transportation Chapter of Regional Plan;

1:05:00 Transportation Workshop; NHARPC report Legislative Policy Committee; recommendations; Legislative support and apposition; HB573 discontinuing Regional Planning Commissions; electing all planning board; letter of apposition; Similar bill from 2012; Sending letter to Committee to ITL;

1:10:00 Lakes Region Exe Committee discusses Municipal and County Government House Committee; Laconia City Council; apposing legislation; how to testify; importance of testifying; sending letter asking NH Municipal and County Government to ITL bill to discontinue Regional Planning Commissions; Laconia City council letter; appointing versus electing planning board members; motion to direct a letter to NHMCG committee to ITL HB1573; 2nd; passes unanimously; Jeff Hayes- taking bills seriously; value of RPC’s; discussion- reason for the legislation NH1573; lack of knowledge and paranoia; seeing planners taking away property rights; conspiracy; Granite State Future; anti government control;

1:15:00 Freedom electing planning Board members; requiring by law to elect planning board members; Legislation HB 449, 532, 568, 580, application certificate for energy facilities; out of state wind turbines; Energy companies offering offsetting taxes; town impacts of wind turbines;

1:20:00 Impacts of wind turbines; Plymouth Wind Turbines; 500 foot height; New Found Lake; eliminating a wind turbine ridge-line; town RSA’s preventing wind farms;

1:25:00 SB 99 site evaluation Committee; local land use control; Senator Forester; Senate Bill 99; discussion- legislative process; NHAPC; watch list; 2013- State broadband infrastructure; bridge replacement;

1:30:00 Bottle Bill; 5 cent deposit scenario; highway safety fund; Road maintenance; gas tax; state economic development plan; granite state future; establishing a state state economic plan; DRED; paint stewardship program; other LSR’s; NHARPC; local control of establishing wind farms;

1:35:00 Orderly development standards; Brownfield’s; site assessments; identifying sites for brownfield development; evaluating contaminated brownfield sites for free; program details; prioritization of sites; updated list;

1:40:00 Engaging commissioners regarding Brownfield Development; grants; clean up grants; federal monies; ultimately federal money; State DES; EPA applications; combining economic development and environmental protection; using Brownfield development as and example of LRPC accomplishments; phase 1; phase 2; online information; GiS mapping of properties involved in hazard materials;

1:45:00 EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS REPORT Granite State Future “schedule slipping a bit” Discussion of Rail; transportation route; Montreal train; UNH; Zip Cars; Vermont; Maine; WILD MEADOWS WIND PROJECT Regional impact discussion; environmental impact statement; site evaluation committee; NEPA; State process of site evaluation; recommending a regional response; OEP; Senator Forester; Meredith;

1:50:00 Northern Pass; similarity among projects; criteria; standards; noise; visual standards; potential pilot program used by wind farm companies to get wind turbines built; Conway Daily Sun; Groton NH; Windmill 4 acre foot print; cement pad;

1:55:00 Focusing on process not commenting on proposal; considering environmental concerns; opinions of towns; loss of tax base; Danbury; Groton; Wind Farm generating revenue for towns losing tax base; review process; federal subsides;

2:00:00 Bear; Sugar Hill; renewal portfolio standards; NH State goal of 25%; renewables; Natural Gas versus nuclear power; LRPC position on the Wind Farm installation issue; regional orderly development; regional environmental impacts; using application perimeters; consultant report; cumulative impacts; Federal Money; international companies; State energy plan;

2:05:00 State energy plan; energy costs; interstate commerce controls; regulated utilities with granted monopolies; EPA visibility standards; accounting for economic values; plumb blight; Seeing wind mills as blight; Site Evaluation Committees; SEC; Senate Bill 99; Senator Forester; MEETING SCHEDULES January meeting; Brownfield's;

2:10:00 Lakes RPC discussions; critical area issues; getting Commissioners more involved; *RECORDING ENDED

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