Middleton Planning Meeting | March 13, 2014

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Middleton NH Planning Board meeting from 3/13/14. The meeting took place at Middleton Town Offices, 182 Kings Highway. The Board met to discuss the Site Plan Review application of the Therriault's Golf Resort and began at 6:30 pm.

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Introductions; Jae Whitelaw, Esq.; Joe Bailey; Steve DiGiovanni; Roger Mains; John Mullen; Kate Buzard; Loretta Snow;


John Mullen, Middleton Planning Board Chair, gives an overview of the site plan review process regarding the Middleton, Therriault Golf Resort project; draft conditions for approval; Town engineering comments;


Summery of related documents; [John Mullen]; application; abutters list; site plan drawings; narrative; fiscal impact analysis; storm water operation maintenance plan; traffic impact analysis; proposed septic design; fire protection; Town Road agent comments; Middletown police dept; White Mountain Survey; Strafford Regional Planning Commission; technical review report; traffic volume count; Hazards areas and transportation maps; Strafford County soils and well sites map; wildlife protection areas; 100 year flood plain map; County aquifer maps; wetlands are and conservation maps; zoning maps; draft Regional Impact committee SRPC meeting minutes- Feb. 20, 2014


Letter from the NH Dam Bureau; NHDES; letter from Branch Hill Farm; Moose Mountain Regional Greenways; Middletown Conservation Commission;


Comments from White Mountain Survey and Engineering; alteration of Terrain permit; [Kate Buzard]; [John Mullen]; permitting of previous subdivision; NHDES; [Kate Buzard]; [Jae Whitelaw]; purchase and sale agreement; Map 9 lot 18; 1; 3; road salt use; sodium chloride; best management plan; BMP;


Town code enforcement property access; [Joe Bailey]; [Roger Mains]; [John Mullen]; NHDES complaint driven; lack of staff; [Jae Whitelaw];


Pre construction water testing; Jones Brook; [John Mullen]; [Jae Whitelaw] describes conditions of approval;


Snow mobile easement; [John Mullen[; [Therriault]; [Jae Whitelaw]; location of trails; [Kate Buzard]; blanket easement;


Bond issue; [John Mullen]; reclamation agreements; White Mountain estimates of reclamation costs; cost per acres; hummus stripping;


Anticipated traffic increase; westerly access points; signage; roadway weight limits; [John Mullen]; [Roger Mains]; [Joe Bailey]; [Jae Whitelaw];


Amending site plan regarding Geothermal facility on site; [John Mullen]; notification of Planning Board; traffic studies; lane widening;


Law enforcement CAD plan; emergency planning conditions; [John Mullen]; delineation of permeable and non permeable surfaces; [Jae Whitelaw];


Gated Emergency access gate; access road maintenance; snow removal; [John Mullen]; [Therriault]; [Jae Whitelaw]; Strafford County Registrar filing; final approval process;


Active and substantial "means"; active and substantial of completion of improvements; [John Mullen]; [Roger Mains]; [Jae Whitelaw];


Engineer and Attorney compensation; review of documents; [Jae Whitelaw]; [John Mullen]; [Roger [Mains];


Use of road salt; sodium chloride; [John Mullen]; CMA; potassium acetate; Lighting plan; [Kate Buzard]; Dark Skies Initiative;


Code enforcement responsibilities; [Kate Buzard]; [Jae Whitelaw]; state holding tank; AOT; John Mullen; ongoing responsibilities;


Therriault's comments #5; contingent upon failure of property purchase; #9 Snow mobile easement agreement; #10 bond issue; reclamation bonding costs; #11 Construction vehicles weight limit control;


Jimmy Keating meeting with road agent; public comment; local business impacts; bridge weight limits; State permit costs; road postings; present no through trucks signage; [Roger Mains]; [Jae Whitelaw]; #12 redefining Geo Thermal Facility; Geothermal heating system;

14 traffic volumes from Kings Highway to project site, eastern side of Ridge Road; #15 Police/ Fire emergency access plans; [Jae Whitelaw];[John Mullen]; CAD; PDF; #17 year around maintenance plan; #18 securing of permits- timeline;


20 Definition of active and substantial completion, level of investment; [Jae Whitelaw]; [John Mullen]; [Therriault]; access roads; discussion regarding building scheduling; substantial completion of improvements; resort building; golf course;


Public comments; [Neal Turner]; [Jim Keating]; road weight limits; signage; road wear; discussion of historic road conditions; Selectmen road postings;


Motion to accept site plan application for tax map 13 lot 10 tax map 17 lot 23; Move to grant conditional approval;[Joe Bailey]; [Roger Mains]; [Jae Whitelaw]; [John Mullen]; discussion regarding process of motioning; 2nd; Joe Bailey- aye; Steve DiGiovanni- aye; Roger Mains- aye; Kate Buzard- aye; John Mullen- aye; unanimous; next scheduled meeting April 10, 2014;


Question to attorney, Kate Buzard; John Mullen; subdivision approval non compliance; discussion of non compliance; cease and desists; penalties; discussion of process of enforcement; Statutes providing daily fines; Middleton zoning ordinance;

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