Ossipee Planning Meeting | September 5, 2017

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Meeting Notes

Ossipee NH Planning Board meeting from 9/5/17. Board members: Chair: Condict Billings, Vice Chair: Roy Barron, Robert Gillette, Dennis Legendre, Peter Zavas, Tim Otterbach, Alternate: Rick St. Jean, and the Selectmen’s Rep, “Sam” Martin, convene their meetings at 1 Moultonville Rd, Center Ossipee, and this meeting began at 7:00 pm. Board Secretary: Laura Nash.

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Roll Call: Connie Billings - Chairman, Roy Barron – Vice-Chairman, Dennis Legendre, Bob Gillette, Peter Zavas, Tim Otterbach, Sandra “Sam” Martin (BOS Rep.), Rick St. Jean (Alternate) and Steve McConarty (ZEO).


Meeting Minutes: Review and approve Meeting Minutes of 8/15/2017


Informal Discussion:

Chris Knight: discuss concept plan of a solar farm on commercial property.


New Business: (SPR) Site Plan Review

Case # 17 – 6 – SPR: (Continued from August 1st meeting) Hobbs Tavern Events, owner Ash Fischbein

c/o KJN One, LLC. 3 Covered Bridge Road. Tax Map: 008 Lot: 022 is seeking a Site Plan Review to hold outdoor events ranging from musical events, art shows, outdoor plays, movies as well as provide local nonprofits with another venue of operation.


Public comment: “it’s not like the Commodores are showing up with tractor trailers…with sound and stage equipment……you moved into a village district…you should have done your due diligence when you purchased your property…..”


Public comment regarding noise control of outside events:

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