Strafford Metropolitan Planning Organization, Technical Advisory Committee Meeting | December 6, 2013

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Strafford Regional Planning Commission Technical Advisory Committee. (SRPC TAC) The purpose of the TAC is to provide technical advice and policy recommendations regarding transportation planning issues to the Commission. The TAC is also responsible for prioritizing regional transportation projects for inclusion in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program for New Hampshire.

00:01 Introductions; staff communications; next meeting date; new large format plotter arrives; review of November 1, 2013 meeting minutes; motion; 2nd; passes; ArgGis online Click Here to visit ArcGis discussion; Click here to visit ESRI;

05:00 ArcGis- use by communities; Durham Trail data; creating online web mapping; data layers; town boundaries; basic map viewer; smart phone utilization;

10:00 Imputing data; forms of data; printing out maps; topographical maps; ArcGis application use with social networking; ArcGis for conservation commission use; soils data; habitat data; location of conservation focus areas; locations of greenways; planning board use; zoning mapping; examples given of other uses; CEDs document (Comprehensive Economic Development) map synchronization;

15:00 Map synchronization; example used- CEDs area data; income levels; per capita income; median household income; poverty levels; opportunities for transportation planners; embedding ArcGis maps to websites;

20:00 ArcGis uploaded file types; shape files; volunteers collecting data; using application for data comparison; using application to map ATV trails;

25:00 Using application to map snow machine trails; uploading photographs of trail data; other examples that can be used with ArcGis online; adding video links;

30:00 Rockingham recreation trail; trail access; NH Bureau of Trails; developer impact fees; Annual Listing of obligated projects; Federal Highways Administration requirement; financial report for 2013 outlining the funding NH DOT uses for project programming (future) compared to how much money was obligated (committed funding); overview of project lists; statutory authority; overview of areas effected by obligated transportation projects;

35:00 How the project data is listed within the document; other documents that are referenced to compile project data for the annual listing; Metropolitan Transportation Plan 2013- 2040; anticipated projects; NH ten year transportation plan; 2015-2024 ten year transportation plan; transportation improvement program four years of projects; overview of program funding; future funding; tables; deficiencies in document; incomplete layout; table orientation layouts; examples of content; safe routes to school; rail projects;

40:00 State wide projects; NHDOT new resource management database; Federal Transit Administration funded projects listed in document; Coast Bus Question- other then Coast what other organizations are imputing information into the annual project list document; overview of the final draft of the park and ride development toolkit;

45:00 Overview of the final draft of the park and ride development toolkit; collaboration between other Regional Planning Commissions; toolkit process of use; stakeholder involvement; funding sources available; CMAQ; assessing traffic growth; uploading toolkit to website;

50:00 Local towns/ cities utilizing the Park and Ride Toolkit; C and J Transportation; other public private partnerships; update of the GACIT final hearing; vote to approve; passed with minor revisions; Strafford region projects left unchanged; Exit 10 feasibility study listed as an unfunded; contingent on toll increase funding; end of June 2014 deadline; transit association, community transportation- return of state general funds back to 2009 levels;

54:30 (SADE) Statewide Access Data Exchange overview; UNH; T2; data mapper application; sidewalk inventory; curb ramp data; crosswalk signalization; report of work group meeting; bus stop amenities being added to data layer; UNH parcel mosaic data layer; land parcel ownership; assessed values; subterranean utilities; comprehensive database; discussion- cross jurisdictional access to standardized assessment of conditions infrastructure assets;

1:00:00 Land parcel data accessibility; public non public access; training program to use parcel data parcel map; municipal and State access; Area project updates; station street; complaint that the Rt.108 bikeway project design issue regarding a planned drainage system conflict with existing sewer system; concern over cost of relocation of utilities; beware of hidden costs; Granite State Future Appendices TAC committee recruitment to transportation committee subgroup; Regional Master Plan Transportation Chapter;

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