Strafford Metropolitan Planning Organization, Technical Advisory Committee Meeting | May 2, 2014

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Strafford Metropolitan Planning Organization Technical Advisory Committee. (SMPO TAC) The purpose of the TAC is to provide technical advice and policy recommendations regarding transportation planning issues to the Commission. The TAC is also responsible for prioritizing regional transportation projects for inclusion in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program for New Hampshire. The meeting was held at the Rochester Community Center on 5/2/14, 150 Wakefield Street, Suite 12, conference room 1a and began at 9:00 am.

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Introduction of Strafford MPO TAC members.


Staff Communications: Marylyn Barton; Commission membership; Commissioners Annual meeting dates; Transportation analyst needed; Summer Data Collection interns needed;


Presentation by Thomas Jameson, NHDOT, (TAP) Transportation Alternatives Program; Bureau of Planning and Community Assistance; CMAQ coordination; MAP 21; Merged TAP programs; Safe Routes to School; Scenic Byways; recreational trail program; Click here to review the interagency minutes regarding TAP January 9, 2014


Distribution of TAP Funding; population based criteria;


Review and Approval of the meeting minutes from 4/4/14; Motion [Nichols] to accept; Second [Parker]; Vote: Unanimous, 2 abstentions


Reconsideration of public comment review time period; the change in the document [prospectus] is strictly limited to adjusting the allowable length of public comment periods for proposed transportation improvement program TIP amendments; 30 days to 10-30 days; discussion;


Continued discussion of reducing public comment period; construction scheduling flexibility;


Motion [Parker] to not reduce the public comment review time period to read 10- 30 days; Second [Comeau];


[Parker] withdraws motion not to reduce the time period to read 10- 30 days; [Lockwood] proposes a clarification and a new motion; Second [Parker] Vote: Pass, 1 oppose.


Discussion items: [Copeland] exe director MPO memo; planning emphasis areas; 2015; MAP 21 implementation; transition to performance based planning and programming; models of regional planning cooperation and coordination across MPO and State Boundaries; Developing joint planing product; DOT and operators of public transportation and activities; DATA collection; DATA storage and analysis; analytical tools; SADES program; Coastal Stewards; Environmental Climate Change; Ladders of opportunities; access to essential services; Transportation Connectivity service gaps; housing; employment; schools; healthcare; recreation; T2;


Leaked reauthorization Bill; USDOT; Grow America Act legislation; Secretary FOX; Click here to View the Grow America Website ;Joint meetings in Washington, DC; May 13th AMPO draft policy for reauthorization; American Public Transportation;


Leigh Levine, Federal Transit Administration, comments on the Federal Administrations program; 4 years; approx. 300 Billion Dollars; Federal Proposal to re authorize MAP 21;


Rad Nichols, COAST BUS, comments on the Grow America Act;


Gregg Jones, SRPC Staff member gives update on the SADES program; Click here to read about the SADES program and please Click here to view a previous SMPO TAC meeting about SADES ;


Gregg Jones continues his report on SADES; workgroup meetings with NHDOT; T2; new program manager; sidewalk and curb ramp inventory; culvert and stream crossing; integration of culvert data with Geological Surveys; culvert protocol data;


Project updates; [Gasses] culvert grant review; Route 9 bridge over the Salmon Falls River; Maine DOT involvement; TE project; preliminary design; Route 108 shoulder widening project;

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