Strafford Regional Planning Commission Meeting | April 19, 2013

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Strafford New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission's executive committee. The committee meets to discuss the operation of the SRPC. The executive meeting convened at 150 Wakefield Street, Rochester and began at 8:00am.

01:03 Introductions; action items; approval of previous meeting minutes.

02:14 April monthly minor revisions; project budget changes;

05:48 Executive committee slate of officers; Bill Connors motions to make new member Paul Robidas of Somersworth an alternate on the Executive committee; Paul Robidas gives brief history of his accomplishments;

11:05 Cynthia Copeland, executive director comments on looking for more alternates to serve on EC board; discussion of method of posting request;

12:54 Cynthia Copeland, financial report; profit and loss statement; coastal grant program; 86% billable hours;

15:08 HUD Granite State Future update; Report by Victoria Parmele; concern over process of updating regional master plans; politicized process; proactive approaches; unofficial granite state future website created by citizen groups opposed to the Granite State Future HUD grant; the Official website here: ;

18:18 Cynthia Copeland- forwarding copies of website to SRPC web designer to check background; Kenn Ortmann- discusses his observation on the opposition; nefarious plots; fringe elements; Agenda 21; Delphi method; children fearing mosters under beds; getting distracted;

22:00 Bob Jaffin- limited resources to combat opposing citizens groups; Victoria Parmele; planning concepts; discussion of clarifying statement made by opposition groups;

24:24 Kenn Ortmann- opines; positive outlooks; public involvement; communicating better with the public; redefinition of terms;

27:18 Victoria Parmele- discussion of planning principles; sustainable development "not coming from the UN" that it is already incorporated into the state RSA's;

27:48 Bill Connor- opposition groups; constitutional rights;

29:17 First review of fiscal year 2014 budget; brownfield grant; Somersworth not wanting brownfield grant; coastal grant; drinking water source protection grant; closing completed grants; proposed salary adjustments; acceptance and approvals at annual meeting; recognizing staff members for their work;

41:29 Rail Authority update; CMAQ projects; rails to trails; East Coast bike trail; Bob Jaffin- railways need to be preserved for future rail expansion; expanding parking capacity at PEAS; bus terminal configuration; preserving right of ways; layover facilities;

55:44 Executive report; Cynthia Copland- Granite State Future idea submissions; more transportation choices; more park and rides; walkable communities; discussion of local transportation planning projects (CMAQ);

1:00:56 meeting recesses; returns without a quorum to proceed- discussion by Bill Connor makes motion to add alternate Paul Robidas to meeting; Kenn Ortmann- Paul Robidas cannot be alternate it is not yet official; Cannot recess- with lack of quorum; Bill Connors discusses goals with committee;

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