Strafford Regional Planning Commission Meeting | November 21, 2013

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Strafford NH Regional Planning Commission. The Commission meeting convened on November 21, 2013, Suite 12, 150 Wakefield Street, Rochester and began at 7:00 pm. Taken from Click Here for SRPC fact sheet

00:01 Introductions; Granite State Future telephone survey questions; Statewide survey; Commissioners take survey and are shown a comparison to the results of the Regional;

05:00 Survey questions; regional perceptions of housing affordability; Rental affordability; mixed use development; what type of residential housing should be encouraged; first choice; discussion- Commission results/ Strafford Region results;

10:00 What type of residential housing should be encouraged; 2nd choice; discussion- Commission results/ State wide results/ Strafford Region Results; What type of neighborhood would you prefer to live in; Commission results/ Strafford Region Results; future development locations; Commission results/ Strafford Region Results;

15:00 Future development locations; Commission results/ Strafford Region Results; number one choice for the expenditure of public dollars; Commission results/ Strafford Region Results; discussion of regional priorities;

19:05Housing Chapter of regional master plan appendices; annual meeting polling; comments gathered from commissioners, master plan analysis; public outreach, vision statement; equity and engagement team; independent of income level;

20:00 Housing needs assessment; Fair housing and equity assessment; chapter content addressing workforce housing; RSA: 674:59; land use ordinance providing reasonable and realistic development of Workforce housing; review of member towns workforce housing ordinance; affordable housing; RSA 36:47 statutes regarding local housing needs assessments; NH Housing Authority; 30% of income; rights to fair housing; HUD’s involvement; section 8 housing vouchers; Newmarket housing authority; housing subsidies; Report on regional population; Report on housing stocks; distribution of housing units; locations; Percentages of urban and rural housing units;

25:00 Percentages of urban and rural housing units; definitions of housing units per census data; Housing units by type; discussion- numbers of people in households; household size changes; housing data by age cohort; renter versus owner occupied households; discussion- aging in place; occupancy by race; building permit data gathered from Office of Energy and Planning;

30:00 Building permit data gathered from Office of Energy and Planning; type of building; how the data is not broken down; vacation homes data; number of housing sales by price; gross rental costs; ArcGis online mapping application; race population data;

35:00 ArcGis online mapping application; census block data; race population data; below poverty line; Child locations; location of poor children; housing voucher or section 8 recipients; data sets showing school performance;

40:00 Data sets showing school performance; labor market engagement; questions/ discussion- labor market engagement definition; conclusions and recommendations; impediments to workforce housing identifying impediments**; quantifiable versus qualifiable; interpretation of data; making incorrect assumptions;

44:34 Discussion- workforce housing statute meaning; importance of understanding the meaning of the statute;

45:00 Discussion- definition of workforce housing, “workforce housing” term; discussion- a court case arguing how the level of workforce housing is determined;

50:00 Discussion- concern over “creating housing for slum lords”; absentee landlords; section 8 housing; developers and landlords using the system to not maintain property; town management of workforce housing properties; processing data; RPC’s role of compiling a housing needs assessments; helping communities provide their fair share of housing; processing date versus making recommendations;

55:00 Processing date versus making recommendations; Regional Housing Needs Assessment consultant to data analysis; discussion- 2009 data analysis; examples- Urban versus Rural, Dover; Rochester; Sommersworth Newmarket, having “more then their fair share of low income and rental properties”; considering new factors within the region when analyzing data;

58:05 Review of environmental and energy RMP chapter; polling questions; appendix outline; listing of environmental facts;

1:00:00 Survey questions, top priority of decision makers regarding the environment; commissioner results/ regional results; 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice; what should be actively promoted; 1st choice; commissioner results/ regional results;

1:05:00 2nd, 3rd choice- what should be actively promoted; Town/ city involvement in energy facilities, discussion- telephone results regarding this question; 1st choice; commissioner results/ regional results; Communities level of emergency preparedness; commissioner results/ regional results;

1:10:00 Concerning weather events; commissioner results/ regional results; 1:12:00 presenter reads vision statement for the environmental and energy chapter; polling results of commissioners to as which vision statement is preferred; relationships to other chapters such as water infrastructure; resource document containing a list of federal, state, regional organizations regarding environmental protection;

1:15:00 Project timeline for environmental/ energy chapter; deadline date for draft- June of 2014, deadline for completion- December 2014; listing of local planning efforts regarding environmental protection; Town of Wakefield soil conservation; City of Dover; Wind energy; Towns including a recreation master plan advisory committee;

1:20:00 Compiling E- documents; discussion- prime soil overlays and aquifer protections; conclusions using environmental data overlays; Town of Durham, mill-foil irritation and control; Town forest land protection plans; coastal and inland water shed overlay data;

1:25:00 Coastal and inland water shed overlay data/ factors; Land use data; residential and commercial data/ factor; water access points data; Stratified drift aquifers; maps of conservation lands; question- map of contaminate wells throughout region; no listing of locations of private wells; conservation districts versus conservation easements; GRANITE meta data; importance of thresholds;

1:30:00 GRANITE metadata discussion regarding conservation land delineation's; national and state lands; listing of environmental facts to be added to the RMP; Regional Master Plan; US Geologic Service reductions of agricultural land; Electric power generation; access to open space; regional, endangered and threatened species;

1:35:00 Moose population reductions; winter ticks; economic impacts connected to moose population reductions; UNH partnership with Fish and Game regarding moose monitoring; crash statistics relating to reduction of moose population; deer population impacts; regional, endangered and threatened species; protected information that may give locations of species not being accessible;

1:40:00 Economic development designations/ districts; applications; economic development administration, Philadelphia Pennsylvania; region 1; rectifying deficiencies in application; Federal recognition, establishing the Strafford Region as an Economic development district; regional impact committee member recruitment;

1:45:00 Committee member recruitment for regional impact committee; process of regional impact committee; use of alternate members during conflict of interests; discussion- perceived conflicts of interests;

1:50:00 Discussion- impact committee processes; regional master plan goals of reaching 1% of regional residents; Rochester food pantry turkey day outreach; Brookfield Town Coffee polling survey outreach;

1:55:00 Proposal- outreach to winter farmers market; Town of Newmarket pedestrian studies and polling questions; 1:57:00 Dover representative request to City of Dover to begin paying dues to the Strafford RPC’s; Citizens forum-

1:58:22 Follow up on a culvert assessment where a land owner complained the assessment required trespass on his property; right of way; communication with complainant;

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