Governor Wentworth Regional School District Meeting | September 6, 2018

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Meeting Notes

Governor Wentworth Regional School District meeting from 9/6/18. The board rotates their meetings throughout the district. This meeting was convened to give an overview of the School District budget process to area town officials. This meeting was held at the Lakes Region Technology Center, Wolfeboro and it began at 7:00 pm.

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Introductions: School board members; Area Selectmen; Other guests;


Budget overview; Process; Funding formula; Budget components; Deliberative session; Ballot question; Wages; NH retirement system; Labor contract; 5 billion dollar retirement system shortfall; NH Retirement system rate; Collective bargaining agreement; Teachers; Support staff; Debt service; Kingswood complex; Bonding; State building aid; Repair and maintenance; Electricity;


Public comment: Town budget process versus school budget process; Finance committee meeting minutes; Work sessions versus full school board meetings; Funding formula;


Budget process overview; Funding formula; Line item review; Roll and process of budget committee review; Healthcare costs; Salaries/ wages; School population; Building administration costs; SAU49 administration costs; General administration; District 100% healthcare coverage; Red and green plan;


Budget process overview; Budget exceeding CPI; Town involvement in financial review; Official budget committees;


Apportionment formula: 75% Average Daily Membership; 25% equalized evaluation;

Past Governor Wentworth Regional School District Meetings