Brookfield Selectmen Meeting | July 10, 2018

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Meeting Notes

Brookfield New Hampshire Selectmen meeting from 7/10/18. The Selectmen: Chair: Brian Robisheau, Vice Chair: Rick Surette and Clerk: Richard Zacher convene meetings at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd. This meeting began at 6:30 pm. Treasurer: Marilou Maclean, Administrative Assistant: Laurie Champy.

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Call to order; 6:30 pm; Brian Robisheau; Richard Zacher;


Pledge of Allegiance.


Memorial comments: Brookfield resident:#JeanAlbro; Long time resident passed away; Supervisor of the checklist; Town Auditor, Official Bell ringer;


PUBLIC COMMENTS: Memorial Day Veteran flag placement; New Town Cemetery; Anonymous donation of a Revolutionary War flag holder;


PUBLIC COMMENTS: Forest Fire Warden: Town handyman position; Town maintenance contract;


TREASURES REPORT: Income and expenses;


TAX COLLECTOR'S REPORT: Collection report; 89% collected; Warrant: $987,824.00; Collected so far: $879,040.60; Balance due: $79,735.40; Taxpayer payment arrangement; Report offered into the record; Letter to void resident payment arrangement contract;


PLANNING BOARD REPORT: Next meeting July 19, 2018 at 6:30 pm;


Selectmen Rick Surette enters the meeting;


HERITAGE COMMISSION REPORT: August 4, 2018 barbecue; 5-7 pm; Bi- Centennial celebration;


ROAD AGENT; CODE ENFORCEMENT: Quotes from Eversource; Sunday paving; Tucker Road grading; Gravel delivery;


CEMETARY TRUSTEES: Meeting Thursday July 12, 2018 6:30 pm;


OTHER COMMITTEE REPORTS: Brookfield Grant Review Committee: BGRC; Local Emergency Operation Plan (LEOP); Emergency Management Program Grant (EMPG) program;


PUBLIC COMMENT: Process of righting grave stones that fall over; Gregg Evans; Public donation into the existing cemetery trust funds;


OLD BUSINESS: Town House maintenance plan; Installation of handicap ramp attached to the backside of the Churchill Schoolhouse; Painting proposals; Scrap and Paint;


OLD BUSINESS: Pole license agreement update; Registered letters; Public postings; Public hearing related to pole license agreements August 14, 2018;


OLD BUSINESS: Attic clean out update; Shelving; Town standard contract;


OLD BUSINESS: Town maintenance contract;


NEW BUSINESS: Cable franchise agreement; Attorney involvement;


MOTION: M-Zacher That I am [Zacher] is authorized to call her [Attorney Miller]..and tell her that we would like to move forward with her professional assistance...and note..and negotiate that franchise agreement. 2nd-Surette- Discussion-----Surette questions if there should be a limit..on her..did she give us an estimate? Zacher states that Millers fee is $200.00 per hour...on the tape {video} from Tamworth..she said, maybe $5,000.00 V-Zacher-Y; Robisheau-Y; Surette-Y


NEW BUSINESS: Cable franchise agreement; Tamworth and Ossipee; Laura Spector, Town Attorney;


PUBLIC COMMENTS: Brice Drive dust control schedule;


BILL READING: Lawn mowing; $120.00; School District tax bill: $224,291.00; Internet: Consolidated: Per month: $42.16; Consolidated: Telephone: $83.99; CMP Property Maintenance: $150.00- total: $390.00; AH Harris: $787.50; Forest Warden Pump filter: $90.00- water test; National Trust for Historic Preservation: $100.00 dues; Longmeadow:$5.88 balance; Samon Press: Supervisors of the checklist: $55.00; Ossipee Aggregates: $533.34;


MOTION: M-Zacher To accept the bills as read into the record. 2nd-Robischeau------ V-Zacher-Y; Robisheau-Y; Surette-Y


Proposals to supply the Town with propane; White Mountain adjusted bid; NH Department of Safety memo regarding SAF.C 3300 modular building components rules; Rule adoption; Concord: Friday July 20, 2018; Referred to code enforcement;

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